Last week we interviewed Darren Rowse for the #BusinessAddicts podcast, and like all of our guests, Darren got me thinking deeply.

Darren shared with us the importance of really understanding the person you wanted your reader to BECOME by reading your blog, and how the creation of meaningful content can facilitate that journey, guiding your readers on a process of change from where they are now, to a new way of thinking, of feeling, of behaving, of being.

It set off a light bulb in my head.

I stared to really think  – what is the purpose of this blog, and, taking it a step further, what indeed is the purpose of The Happiness Hunter?

The big crazy out there you must be off your rocker vision for The Happiness Hunter is World Peace.

Seriously, it is.

But world peace can only ever exist when everyone is at peace within themselves, taking complete and total responsibility for their own life and their own emotional state.

It can only come when we stop pointing the finger, blaming others and expecting someone else to change for things to improve, or to solve the problem.

This thing called life we are living, it’s actually only ever between you, and you.

Quite simply, the purpose of this blog and the purpose of The Happiness Hunter is to help you become unconditionally happy – to become the best version of yourself that you are humanly capable of being.

True, unconditional happiness comes when you take complete 100% responsibility for your own self, to own your own shit, to love and accept yourself unconditionally right now just as you are, to let go of the stories that are holding you hostage, to become self aware and completely empowered, to learn to be in the present moment, to tap into and trust your intuition, to make decisions from your heart and not your head, to connect with other positive and supportive people, to get clarity on what is important to you and what your priorities are, and to LIVE A SUCCESSFUL & HAPPY LIFE RIGHT NOW.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

This week in the You Can Change Your Life bootcamp, we have been focusing on gratitude.

We really do have the power to create our own reality.

Gratitude helps us to feel good.  Personally, I like to feel good.

So by thanking someone, be appreciating what I have, what is actually with me now, helps me see and experience more of the same feeling things.

And as an ADDED BONUS,  you can send out ripples of positive change into the world too.

Right now.

#ThankYouThankYouYou can help lift someone else.

Yesterday while I was out on a walk I had a real urge to put a post up on Facebook to say thank you to my mum and dad for their support of me in my life (inspiration ALWAYS strikes on a walk).

I genuinely wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for helping me.

Thank you for supporting me.

Thank you for making my life easier.

An unconditional, from the bottom of my heart thank you.

Lots of people liked the post.

My mum cried.  It made her day.

I spoke from my heart to hers.


I started pondering the impact that this post might have had on people reading it.

Did it inspire them to go and thank someone?


The day before Mother’s Day this year, my friend Renee and her kids dropped around a candle for me for Mother’s Day.

Renee lost her mum just after Mother’s Day last year, and rather than focus on her loss and the absence of her mum this year, she decided to focus on what she did have.



She looked around at the mothers she did have around her, and she went and bought them all candles and with her kids she drove around to their houses and gave them each a candle.

She and the kids talked about their Nonna the whole time and how lucky they were to have had her and how much they loved her.  They focused on the happy remembering, rather than the sad missing.

And shared their gratitude with the people who mattered in their life.


So I would like to also say #ThankYouThankYou Renee for reminding me how lucky I am to still have my mum (and my dad).  And for the gift of amazing friends.

Let’s send out ripples of love bombs and gratitude – who can you say #ThankYouThankYou to today?