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Last year, I needed clarity in my business, so I booked a session with Fiona Redding and gained so much insight. Mostly that I needed to work on the mindsets and conditioning which were causing blocks in my life and holding my back from living my true potential.

This year I took it one step further and enrolled in an 8 week Calm Abiding Meditation course. Developing daily practice of meditation and gratitude helped anchor even more clarity.

Then it happened.

A synchronistic ‘ah ha’ moment. During a meditation, Fiona’s mantra ‘The thing is never the thing’ clicked within my consciousness. And that’s when I joined The Happiness Hunter. I knew that the life-changing journey I was about to undertake through the Bootcamp was absolutely necessary for me to grow and develop my business.

I’m a third of the way through Bootcamp, and believe that the biggest lessons are awareness, acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude. Each of these elements enables you to live in the Now, which is a mandatory if you want to change habits, and change your life.

Unpacking years of conditioning can be quite an adventure, but if you are serious about changing all areas of your life (work, relationships, finances, vision, health & well-being) I say ‘do it’! You will be well supported; The Happiness Hunter Community is a lovely bunch of people to connect with.


Merryn Padgett


Merryn Padgett is a passionate advocate for bringing beautiful ideas to life through human-centred design and psychology-based marketing principles. She began Earth & Sea Creative in 2012 to help other ambitious entrepreneurs take the next step forward in launching their creative ideas with authenticity and unmistakable clarity.

You can connect with Merryn at Earth and Sea Creative, on twitter, LinkedIn, instagram and Facebook.