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I’ve been going on the walks regularly for the last 15 months (1 – 2 times a week) and as cheesy as it might sound – it has changed my life.

The support, energy, motivation, clarity, and inspiration I have received have all been priceless, and nothing short of transformational – both personally and professionally.

I love this network of people, many of whom have now become great friends, and am extremely grateful to Fiona for leading us on this journey.

I cannot recommend The Happiness Hunter enough – it is soooo much more than ‘just a walk’ or networking – it can change the way you live and the way you work.


Beverley is a Professional Organiser and Baby Planner, founder of Home And Life Organising (HALO), and published author. She helps busy families and expecting parents with all aspects of planning, preparing, and organising, and is on a personal mission to transform the prenatal education system in Australia through her new education program “The Pre-Parent Project”, launching in October this year. 

You can connect with Beverley at Home and Life Organising, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest.