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As an early adopter of The Happiness Hunter, I have been walking since the beginning and never looked back.

I had always struggled with traditional networking and knew these walks were more my style.

I love walking in nature and connecting with this community of self aware, passionate, supportive people and sharing ideas.

It’s in this relaxed environment that magic happens, new possibilities open up and wonderful friendships are formed.

After a strategy session with Fiona about a year ago, what has evolved since then has been nothing short of incredible.

I am about to launch my passion project, Sensual Seed Oracle Card Deck, and it wouldn’t have happened without the wonderful space Fiona has created.

I love being part of The Happiness Hunter community and encourage anyone thinking about coming along for a walk to just do it – you might be surprised what comes from it!

Love Christine


Christine Ford is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, and the creator of Sensual Seed Oracle Card Deck.  Christine has been exploring the world of metaphysics and healing to find the answers that she was looking for but could not find in traditional wisdom.  In the process, she came across and used many oracle card decks.  She felt awed by how powerful they were but was disappointed to not find any centered around self-care and sensuality. That’s when Christine knew she had to create one!

You can connect with Christine at Sensual Seed, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.