It has now been nearly three years since I drank alcohol and my life has completely transformed.

When I stopped drinking (even before actually) I looked into AA but it was not for me.

I did however find an amazing website called Hello Sunday Morning (HSM) and this place was a huge factor in helping me stop drinking and holding space as I worked through my shit (and there was a lot of it).

But HSM was not a silver bullet.

Nothing is.

false illusion

Because I am very resourceful and I asked the Universe for help, I uncovered a way for change that worked for me and is working for others as well.

I believe that success in anything in life comes down to a number of key factors:

– a genuine willingness

– taking 100% responsibility for your life

– understanding of your drivers, values & vision – your decision making framework

– understanding the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be

– having the right support network

– awareness, acceptance and love of ourselves and others

– forgiveness & gratitude

– cultivating the right mindset

– meditation

– overcoming fears

– knowing your priorities

– creating goals and a plan

– taking action

Over the last year I have developed a program to step people through the process of change, and this process works for anything.

If you want it enough, and you do the work, this process works.  It is Universal.

It’s available online in the You Can Change Your Life bootcamp, and is also supported by The Happiness Hunter walks.

success in life

From my own personal experience of giving up drinking, what worked for me was throwing everything at it.

If you have any area of your life in which you are unhappy, then come and arm yourself with the tools and support you need, and learn how you, too, can change your life.