The truth about taking action, is that it is a process.

And the great thing about a process is that in and of itself it has no emotion.

A process doesn’t feel fear, or not good enough, or not worthy, or not educated enough, or not quite ready to do this thing.

It just sits there and provides a framework.

You see all those people out there in life doing things you would like to be doing, achieving goals you would like to achieve and you think – they are BRAVE.

Or maybe you think – they must be really CLEVER.

Or perhaps you think – I could never do that, because {insert excuses(s) here}.

Or you think you don’t have time.

It’s actually not true.

You can do that thing if you want to.  You can achieve any goal you set your mind to.

But – you have to WANT to.

And once you know you truly desire it… your secret weapon to achieving it, is having a plan.

But a plan without action?


What is Brave?

Brave is simply having courage.

Clever is no more than being resourceful.

Making excuses means you have clues to work on to overcome your limiting mindset.

You will make time for anything if you decide that it’s important enough.

Because that thing – YOU have to make it happen.

And to make it happen, you have to DECIDE to make it happen.

You need to accept from the outset that sometimes the path may be full of obstacles and challenges for you to overcome (which is actually the point of life) and you will need tenacity and perseverance and self-belief to keep on going through the hardness and darkness.

Seriously, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.   But they are not.

You can do it though, if you want to.

You will need to push through crippling fear.  And along the way you will discover that fear is only an illusion.

But you can only discover that truth by pushing on through the fear… even when you just didn’t think you could face it.

Taking action helps you to learn about yourself, to understand the truth of who you are.

It helps you to tune in to your intuition, inner knowing or gut and taking action leads to knowing when to pivot.

Step 1.

The first step is to decide what you want – to set an intention, outcome or a vision.

Step 2.

The second step is to break that down into yearly, monthly and daily goals.

You set a 12 month goal.

Break it down into 12 x monthly goals.

Break each 12 x monthly goal into 4 x weekly goals.

Break each of those 4 x weekly goals into 5 or 6 daily actions.

So basically, each of your goals has a daily action that you can take that is going to get you one action closer towards achieving your goal.

It’s baby steps.  Baby steps will get you there.

taking action

Remember that old saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day?

It’s true.

Just as a note, the planning bit is easy because there are heaps of beautiful planners and online tools that you can spend A LOT OF TIME mapping it all out.  This is big picture land.

You will know if you are a big picture or a details person.

To be honest, mapping out the action steps is the bit that I struggle with the most, because it means I have to commit to doing stuff.  This is details.  I can do it for others, but for me personally, it’s a challenge.

We need to be laser focused on the achieving of our goals, and commit to taking the daily action.

Step 3.

You need to TAKE THE ACTION.

All of the other steps are meaningless without ACTION.

But scattered action is just that.  Scattered.

Focused, intentional, little, committed, daily action yields far greater results.

Baby steps are not scary, no matter how big your goal.

And every day, by taking action, you are bringing your goal one day closer.


I know you can.