Do you feel like your life is a bit out of control?

And you can’t see a way out?

Are you drinking too much?

You keep trying to stop drinking but it is proving harder than you thought?

Secretly you know you are, but the idea of actually even acknowledging that makes you want to die?

Has one of your friends or your partner made a comment about how much you are drinking?

And maybe you got defensive?

It might be that you are drinking too much, maybe not every day, but enough that you know it’s a problem.

You are drinking on your own a bit more than you used to and you feel a bit ashamed when you wake up in the morning with a bit of a headache.

But it doesn’t stop you from opening another bottle at the end of another trying, stressful day.

And reading this makes you want to cry.

Because you don’t want to admit you have got a problem.

It’s embarrassing.

And you feel ashamed.

And scared about what the future is going to look like.

But you know in your heart that you do have a problem.

And you want to know the way out.

You want to know that there is another way to be living.

Well I am here to tell you that there is a way.

I found it.

And it doesn’t involve AA.

It is simply about finding a better way of being in your life.

Most of us have no idea about who we are, our values, what we truly want for our own lives.

So you just get caught up in the everyday-ness of life and feel like you don’t have control.

Drinking makes it easier to manage, to get through the day, to unwind.

It’s not true.

Drinking does not help.

Drinking makes it all harder.

But how do you break this habit?

The first step is that you have to OWN YOUR SHIT.

You have to take a good long hard look at yourself and your life and eye-ball your weaknesses.

You have to be crystal clear on your catalysts or your drivers for change.

You need to decide to take Responsibility.

You need to understand who you want to be in your life and who you want to be.  You need to understand who you really are.

And then you need to create the vision for a life that you don’t need to escape from.


Nearly three years ago, I made a decision that was to profoundly alter the course of my life.

From being a (very, very) social drinker in my twenties, travelling the world, studying, and generally living the good life, continuing into my thirties… I suddenly found myself at 37, at home with two tiny kids, overweight, incredibly unhappy, spending my life with the wrong person, unemployed (and, I felt, unemployable –  never mind the fact that I had a degree and over a decade of really great work experience under my belt), a bleak vision for my future and…  drinking every day.

Thinking every day, just what THE HELL HAS HAPPENED HERE???!!?

How had this become my life?

I remember one morning I was driving my car and I was so hungover and I looked in the rear-view mirror at my two beautiful, tiny kids and I just knew that something had to change.

And that the change needed to start with me stopping drinking.

And there were other things that I knew that had to change, but this was the first thing. Big scary thought.  Too big to even comprehend really.

So I just kept on going with the drinking, feeling bad, feeling guilty and feeling hungover on more days than not.

I felt powerless.  And just not sure of what to do next.

I looked into AA. It was not for me. I kept on drinking.  I kept on with the unhappiness.  And I kept on feeling trapped.

But something had shifted.

Because I had AWARENESS.

And I knew that the drinking was a clue. (And, by this stage I had also made the decision to separate from my kids dad as well, but had got no further with that decision than that).

BIG changes afoot.

So I Googled and stumbled across a website called Hello Sunday Morning.  And signed up on the spot for a three month break from drinking.

In that moment when I signed up, in a split second of time, I decided that I was going to choose happiness for my life.

It was a powerful intention and led to a most magnificent path opening up for me. People, opportunities, videos, books, random comments – the entire Universe seemed to be conspiring to help me uncover my own truth and what unconditional happiness means to me.

Starting with the no drinking thing, over the last two years, I have intuitively applied a number of steps to any issue, problem or challenge I faced. Firstly, I needed to accept where I was.  That this was between me and me, and had nothing to do with anyone else.  Then I had to forgive myself for being there.  And thirdly I needed to have gratitude.

Gratitude is the key to abundance in anything.

I had to get clear on why I wanted to change, what I wanted for my life and how I wanted to be living it.

This then became my reference point, my decision making framework. I had to understand myself, my weaknesses, my darkness.

And I needed to understand the gaps between where I was now, and where I wanted to be.  I had to be brutally honest with myself.

I learned that everything in this Universe is energy.  And that this energy is governed by Universal laws.

I had to accept that my thoughts and my beliefs – whether conscious or unconscious – created my reality.

And I learnt that I was the only one who could turn this ship around.

But that I had to take responsibility for my own emotional state, for clearing my programming and letting go of stories and memories that weren’t allowing the life I wanted to be living to materialise.

I made it my mission to create the life that I wanted to be living and I decided to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to allow it.

I focused on becoming 100% empowered for the direction my life was taking.

I became The Happiness Hunter.

And in this process, I found a way that works.  It really, really works.

And it doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars.  It doesn’t have to involve hours or years in therapy. It just involves learning a new way of thinking and visualising and acting. It is actually, fundamentally, very simple.

The thing you think is the thing, is never the thing.

So for me, the thing was drinking, but really that was just the result of a whole lot of beliefs I had about myself.The same process can be applied to any single thing that is presenting in your life (or is noticeably absent).

By applying the steps, over the last two years:

  • I managed to give up drinking (it has now been over two years),
  • Have an amicable separation from my partner and be raising two really happy little kids,
  • Become the fittest, healthiest, happiest I have ever been in my life (losing over 10 kilos with NO DIETING),
  • I have intuitively built a successful business that is satisfying on a multitude of levels, and
  • I am incredibly blessed to be surrounded by amazing people.

There is no silver bullet to transforming our lives.

But I have found an approach that works. And it works on ANYTHING.

And now, I am ready to teach it to YOU.

I have developed a three step process to help you get clarity on your non-negotiable decision making

Please join me for a transformational webinar to help you work out:

  • your drivers, catalysts for change – you get to eyeball your shit with fun and love
  • your values
  • the vision for who you want to be in your life, how you want to be in your life, and what you want for your life


Happiness is to be found in the overcoming of obstacles and challenges in our lives, not in the absence of them.

 It starts with a powerful intention and then a consistent, steady approach. Just like you bathe every day, or you feed your body nourishing food, or you get  your car serviced… you also need to keep taking responsibility for your emotional well-being and managing your energetic vibration.

You will discover what you want for your life, how you want to be living it, understand what is stopping you AND have the tools to get out of your own way.

Are you ready to tap into your true potential, your natural state and learn how to experience unconditional happiness?

Are your ready to take the first step to overcoming your drinking?