Your focus now determines your future.

Over the last few years, life has presented it’s fair share of obstacles and challenges for me to overcome. My focus for this entire time has been the pursuit of happiness, and that by living a good, meaningful and purposeful life, every day of my life, to fully come to know my potential.

I truly believe that happiness has to be found in the overcoming of obstacles and challenges in our lives and not in the absence of them – that within any struggle there is always a great gift, and we can discover this gift only when we focus on living with grace and a positive attitude.

Along the way, I have discovered amazing things about myself and have created (and am continuing to create) a life that is the life that I genuinely want to be living. In our most recent episode of #BusinessAddicts – the podcast, I share my experiences over the last 12 months and how I was able to overcome adversity and achieve massive goals by changing my mind about things and being open to doing things differently.

I’ve always been a very open book in sharing the experiences of my life, and in this episode, we discuss some aspects of my life that I haven’t shared openly before. Within this story comes some great advice that we can all use to assist us in changing from the current less than desirable state that we find ourselves in, toward a more desired one.

You can listen in here

What we covered:

  • How setting big hairy audacious goals can help you overcome adversity
  • How creating a new reality for yourself can help you achieve your goals
  • The cause and effect of the choices you make
  • Dealing with relentless financial pressure
  • The important role that journalling and meditating can play in showing the way forward
  • How your priorities in life should inform your decision making process
  • How you can create a new reality for yourself through visioning
  • Trusting in your instincts and having faith in your decisions
  • The important role that your mindset has in creating a new reality for your life
  • How your focus determines your future
  • Why delusion can be a good thing
  • Why you should always be open to doing things differently
  • How focusing on feeling more deserving can improve your experiences
  • The logistics of taking time out from your business and family
  • The importance of taking action towards your goals, regardless of how impossible they may appear to be

You can listen in here

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