It’s coming up to that time of year again. That time of year where the whole world seems to go crazy (or crazier than normal).

Something starts to happen towards the end of November and into December where the deadline of Christmas looms and it’s like it has to happen before Christmas… and if it doesn’t the world will end!

Jobs need to be completed by the end of the year, Christmas catch-ups have to happen, all the shopping, people you haven’t seen all year and you simply MUST see each other before Christmas.

Even in my world here, we have ballet concerts and my little girl’s birthday (that would be the 21st of December), and then school holidays…

It’s easy to get sucked in and feel like you have to do all the things and see all the people and cram as much stuff into your calendar as you can.

But then, in January, it all goes quiet.

The crazy busy hectic sometimes completely not fun and actually just incredibly stressful chaos of December finishes and that’s it. There’s nothing.

Over the last couple of years, I have completely changed the way I approach this time of year.

I know what is important. I prioritise. I say yes to stuff. But I also say no.

And I never ever sacrifice my own well-being for a schedule with no white space.

And it’s heaps better. Much more peaceful. And I enjoy what I do and how I do it so much more.

I have started to try and bring the January feeling into December.

There is lots of white space in January.

So now I make sure there is as much white space as possible in December too.

I do what needs to be done, but I don’t create stuff that has to happen or do things just because of the time of year.

I’ve stopped this need to have to over-schedule my calendar to see people or attend events just because of an arbitrary date. I cherish white space in my calendar at the best of times, but even more so at this time of year.

Through circumstance and necessity over the last four years, our Christmases and holidays became a very simple affair. I feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the real joy in the simple life.

And it’s much better. It feels easy and it flows.

And you know, in January there is generally a lot of time to catch up on things and see people and do a lot of the things that you feel simply MUST HAPPEN in December.

But by then, they often don’t feel so important.

How can you give yourself the gift of a whiter lead up to Christmas and the end of the year this year?

Love always,


Remember: in life, less is so often more xxx


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