I live every day with intention.

I’ve set a massive vision for my life.

And I’ve set some massive goals for my business.

The thing about intention, vision and goals – when you are really, really serious about them, and you are really, really committed to them, and you are solid & steadfast that nothing is going to stop you from getting there – is that things show up to let you know what is stopping them from being realised.

And this awareness – I like to call it showing up your shit – can be a dark place to have to move through.

The fear, the doubt – it can be almost crippling.

It’s this fear and doubt that stops people.

It’s this fear and doubt that makes people think it’s too hard.

And it’s this fear and doubt that makes people GIVE UP.

I am not immune to this either.

Yet.  (I’m still a work in progress too).

But I also know that the fear and the doubt – it’s only an illusion.

It’s not real.

I know too that hand in hand with the intention, the vision and the goals, is that I also need to trust and have faith.

And it’s this trust and faith that gives me the power to keep going and not give in to the illusion of the fear and the doubt.

To find a way to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

To not give up.

On Friday 20th January 2017, I had a couple of hours of extreme doubt.  I doubted myself, I doubted what I was doing and I doubted whether I was ever going to be able to lift myself out of where I was.    It was the darkest I had felt for a long time.

I was running out of money, I had used all my savings, I was on holiday with my kids and I was just like this is so HARD.

I run my own business.  I have a thing called cash flow.  I’m a single parent.  And we were right at the end of Christmas and the summer holidays which means that a lot of my one to one coaching & healing clients – currently my bread and butter – was on holiday too.

For the last 6 months or so, I’ve known that I need to be getting out there more, growing the community (beyond the walks) – letting people know what I do, how I can help them, and why they would want to work with me.

It’s called communicating your value proposition.

And to do this really successfully in the current world that we live in, I have known that I need to do online marketing.

In addition to the walks and the one on one coaching and healing I do – I also speak, run workshops, run retreats and I have created two absolutely amazing online programs.  The work I do helps people change their lives.

The work I do has changed my own life.

But letting people know about that?  Letting people know about what I do and how I can help them?  Doing opt in’s and list building and sales funnels… I was just seeing so much out there that didn’t resonate with me.  It’s all a formula – and with a lot of it being done in a way that meant nothing to me.

I had to find my own way to do it.  I had to find my own way to share my value with people who are looking for someone like me to help them.

I needed to get over myself, and I needed to get out there.

And I knew that.  I knew I had to find my own way.  But I’d also known that for months and months, and was just skirting around it, procrastinating, making excuses; instead being shown again and again and again where my weaknesses were.

It started to become very clear when I was on holiday that I was not doing what I was meant to be doing if I wanted my intentions and goals to become a reality (even though I had the most AMAZING holiday with my kids and our beautiful friends).

I had to do a lot of work to move through that space.

I knew that I needed to do something, but I just could not see what that something was.

And so in the end I just asked for help and I just handed it over.

And in the handing over, the darkness lifted.

Because like every other time I have handed it over, I knew the answer would come.  And in the answer would be the action.

This is called INSPIRED ACTION.

Inspired action is when you get an impulse and idea to do something, which usually comes to you naturally, easily and often at an unexpected moment.

And so with a very light heart, I went out and had the best afternoon with my kids for the last day of our most amazing holiday.

Later on that same Friday – the day that I (briefly) wondered whether I was just meant to give this crazy vision up and go and get a job that paid a steady income so that I had the consistent financial means to provide for my kids – on the plane back to Melbourne I was struck with a very inspired idea.

I grabbed the nearest piece of paper that I could – it was actually the only piece of paper that I had – and wrote the words:

#ShiftYourGaze and change your reality.

And in that moment, in that very second, I knew that everything had changed.

I had been given the idea that was going to enable me to share who I was with the world and let people know how I can help them – BY ACTUALLY HELPING THEM IN THE PROCESS.

But for this inspired idea to become a reality, I had to take inspired action.

And the way I was going to do this was by Facebook Live videos, videos that people could just watch without having to sign up to an email list.  Because I knew that lots of people were watching the Facebook Live videos that I was doing, where I literally just shared whatever random idea I was having at the time – they weren’t liking them or commenting on them, but they were watching them and taking note of what I was saying and thinking about how they could implement it in their own lives.

And the reason I knew this, was because they were telling me.  And they were telling me how inspired they felt watching the videos, and how inspiring I was, because I was actually doing what I was talking about in my own life, and it made them feel like they could do it too.

Plus, I really like doing live video.  It works well with me and how I operate – I like winging it and flying off the cuff.  It makes me feel alive.  So, it’s always inspired action that I am taking when I do live video.

So the #ShiftYourGaze became a 5 day challenge and on the plane I wrote down 5 ways that we can start to look at our world and experience life from another perspective.

On Saturday I went and did a ropes course, it was like tree surfing and it was great fun.

And on Sunday late morning I sat at my computer and mapped out the challenge and on Sunday afternoon, I did a Facebook Live video announcing the #ShiftYourGaze 5 Days, 5 Ways Challenge would be starting on Monday morning.

I told everyone they could just watch the videos on the Facebook page, or if they wanted to, they could opt in and get them delivered to their inbox each morning.  People watched the videos, liked them and commented on them.  And lots of people opted in to the email.

I sent an email every morning with a link to the video and some more information about they way that I’d shared – and I also shared this information on the Facebook page.

Everything I shared, everyone could see.

No blocks, no barriers, no hard core sales pages.

Just me.  Being me.  Sharing who I was and what I believed in and sharing ways on how I was living my life.

Sharing how this way of living was better.

And giving a practical way of how this way could be implemented in everyone’s day and life.

I absolutely adored creating it.

This last week I have had more work come in than I had all summer.  I’ve had new coaching clients, booked a new workshop, had new sign ups to the bootcamp, had bookings for the Retreat.

New people are finding The Happiness Hunter.

And I’ve finally gotten over myself.

I am 100% steadfast in my vision for my life and business.

This is what inspired action is.

And this is what it creates.

So the next time you feel like you are in the dark and you don’t know the way through – give it over.  Really give it over.  Let it go to a higher power than you to work it’s magic and be open and ready for the inspiration to hit you at the most unexpected moment.

And then get ready to hit the ground running.


Fiona xx

PS if you want to sign up to the #ShiftYourGaze 5 Days, 5 Ways Challenge, you can do so here.

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