Guest post by Beth Warren​

Each and every one of us has a glitch in our personality. A dark secret buried within us that we have hidden from everyone. It is so bad that we don’t disclose it to even our closest friends. It stays hidden. Buried deep within our psyche. It is the not so nice part of us. The part that we don’t want to own. What can be so devastating as to not want to talk to anyone about what lays buried? Like it is only words we have to speak. How hard is that?

To go to that dark place and acknowledge that it is who we are is a painful process. Owning that part of us is “not nice” and I have always been a “nice person”. A “good girl”.

Well guess what? Until I get my secret out and own that side of me I will always be stuck in my fear. My desire and my driver to have a pure clean heart will be a pipe dream. It just won’t happen! I have to be brave and embrace my dark side. I have to own it as part of me. So how do I own my insecurity, my jealousy, my not being good enough?

I have to accept that that is who I am. It is part of my inner world that will continually be reflected in my outer world. I will continually be put into situations that highlight my weaknesses and insecurities until I face and own them and accept them as being a unique part of myself. If I continue to allow myself to fall into my dark side I will only empower it – making it stronger. I have a choice. We always are given choices in our lives. I can choose to continue my life living in my illusion that my dark side doesn’t exist. If I ignore it, it will go away. I can bury it back down when it comes up. I am very clever at doing that! I am a master! I have done that all of my life.

Or perhaps there is a better way! It is not the easy way. The easy way is to keep pushing it back down, suppressing it. After all I am a nice girl and nice girls couldn’t possibly show their anger, jealousy and nasty side.

For me to move forward on my journey I have to own and accept my dark side. For the light of my higher self to shine I have to accept myself just as I am with all of my glitches! That is who “I AM”!

When my dark side next gets highlighted I am NOT going to press my automatic pilot button and do what I have always done!

I have a choice!

I can choose a counter defense:

Accept my weakness,

Not empower my weakness by feeding it.

Focus on the excitement of my driver (my goal of what I want to achieve, who I truly want to be).

So for now I am going to work on my goals. I am going to get excited and motivated about what I want to achieve. How I can best help others. These are my drivers! I will empower my drivers so that when I next get challenged by my insecurities, the energies and excitement of my drivers will enable me to more easily make the right choice !

This is one of my life lessons. I have firmly entrenched my belief system about myself in my inner world. I want to be free to live my truth, to be honest and open!

I know at first it will be a battle to override my old pattern.

I also know that it can be done! I can do it!

Creating new pathways in the brain is part of the new buzz in the scientific world. It is called neuroplasticity.

Now to start paving the way for my new brain path!




Beth Warren is a meditation teacher with the International College of Meditation & Healing in Melbourne and leads the Mornington Happiness Hunter walk.  Beth has been practicing meditation for many years.  Her daily practice helps her to stay calm and she says by being calm, she is better able to deal with and respond to external events.  And when calm, she is happy, healthy and has a great appreciation of life! Beth teaches a meditation class in Mornington on a Wednesday night.  Contact us to find out more about learning how to meditate with Beth.