A. Yes

Last week, a couple of things happened which were unexpected, but the actual doing of them became a priority and I took that action at the exclusion of other things.

This is generally called LIFE happening. 

However, because I had not done what I needed to do when I actually had the time to do the things I needed to do, I got slammed by unmet deadlines which created a sense of overwhelm and resulted in me feeling a bit stressed and under the pump AKA BUSY.

Upon reflection – once I had taken positive and decisive action to clear the mental clutter and get back on top of things – I realised that the reason things had got to that state was because I don’t always use the time I have as effectively as I could, when I actually have the time.

I like being able to be flexible and responsive to things that come in, especially if they are important.  But for me to be able to do this and to be able to manage my life properly, I need to be a little more disciplined with the time I have – before the perceived lack of time becomes an issue.

We all have plenty of time.

We just don’t always use it well.

Since when did being busy become such a throw away word?

How often do you hear the words “I’m too busy” come out of your mouth (or someone else’s)?

The thing is, being busy is not true.

It’s just a perception.

If we spent more time taking action and doing the things we are meant to do when we actually have the time to do them, we’d have less time to focus on how busy and overwhelmed we are.

So, let’s stop telling ourselves we are too busy and just start doing the stuff we are telling ourselves we are too busy to do 🙂

The day following me posting this video, this is an example of what I did with this new awareness, and this is what I wrote – “I literally just cleaned my house in 30 minutes (a surface clean but enough to make me feel like I’m not living in a construction zone or something). But what is the most fascinating thing is that I actually wrote that shit on my to do list to do later tonight – rather than just freaking DOING IT! Anyway, I caught myself and just pulled out the vac and vaccumed and mopped and cleaned the bathroom and put on a load of washing in record time. ALL IT TOOK WAS 30 MINUTES. And now I’m heading out to where I need to be and there is no artificial busy to come back to”.

So, if you want to stop the illusion of being busy, what can you do today (or indeed, right now) to go forth and take the inspired action, rather than waiting for a false sense of being busy to bite you on the bum?

Love always,

Fiona xx

You can watch the video here: Is The Busy-ness Just In Your Head?


Fiona Redding is the founder of The Happiness Hunter, life coach & business strategist, mentor, consultant and speaker. She is also co-host of #BusinessAddicts – the podcast. As an holistic visionary, Fiona’s gift is to get to the beating heart of your life purpose and business strategy, to help set your direction and map out the steps you need to take to get you there, whilst empowering you with the strategies, tools and mind-set shifts required to live an abundant, successful and happy life, with passion, joy and meaning.

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