Thank you for helping to look after our kids when we are not there. Thank you for taking on that responsibility of a mother, even though you know you are not their mum, and nor do you expect to be or want to be. Thank you for accepting that role. Thank you for caring for them, and listening to them, and talking to them, and keeping them safe, and tucking them in, and laughing with them, and loving them, and disciplining them, and feeding them, and clothing them, and hugging them, and kissing them, and playing with them, and for showing them your love.

My kids have a step-mum and she is amazing.

YOU are amazing Alex.

You have been such a beautiful addition to my kids lives and they love you dearly. You have added richness and diversity and a different kind of stability to their lives, you make their dad very happy and your family have welcomed them in as their own.

Parenting can be deeply rewarding but sometimes it can be a tricky job… even when you have known these little people all their lives. And so I can’t imagine how it would feel to be a step-parent, as I am not one.

You fulfill the role of a mum a lot of the time when we are not there, so on this Mother’s Day – to all the step-mums – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

Thank you. And thank you Alex.






Fiona Redding is the founder of The Happiness Hunter, life coach & business strategist, mentor, consultant and speaker. She is also co-host of #BusinessAddicts – the podcast. As an holistic visionary, Fiona’s gift is to get to the beating heart of your life purpose and business strategy, to help set your direction and map out the steps you need to take to get you there, whilst empowering you with the strategies, tools and mind-set shifts required to live an abundant, successful and happy life, with passion, joy and meaning.

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