Intention is a purpose, a focus, an aim.

On Sunday, we released an episode of #BusinessAddicts – the podcast, on “Living with Intention”.

This episode came about after a number of people (including my co-host Loren) asked me how I ended up being interviewed on Channel 9 when I was in Perth to launch the Swanbourne walk.  So, we decided that it was worth recording a podcast on it and exploring in a bit more detail about what living a life with intention actually means – and how being purposeful about your life can lead to a life filled with amazing, wonderful, magical and mysterious experiences.

You can listen to the podcast episode here.

As well as talking about the trip to Perth, in this episode we also talked about:

  • What it means to be “living with intention” and why it is important to set an overall intention for what you want the experience of your life to be
  • Developing a non-negotiable decision making framework
  • What your drivers are and why they are so important in creating change
  • The importance of being clear about your values when creating change
  • Why a vision for your life needs to be more than a board with things on it
  • Why people should take time to think and reflect on the purpose of their life, yet so many people don’t
  • Finding a way to be happy now in this present moment – whatever is going on around you
  • The role meditation, goal setting, affirmations and mentors played in helping Fiona make incremental changes, which led to big changes over time
  • Fiona and Loren reflected on their 6 word stories and what they said about each other

In a nutshell – the clearer you become about what you want the experience of your life to be – the more intentionally that you start living it – the more the experience of your life is going to become the experience that you are seeking.

Love always,

Fiona xxx
AKA The Happiness Hunter (how is that for an intention?)