What do you define as a full circle moment and what or when was the last one you had?

A few months ago, I did a bee keeping course to learn how to keep bees.  (and yes, that is just as cool as it sounds).  At this course I sat next to a woman who looked extremely familiar and we did that whole “I know you thing” trying to work out how we were connected.  After a little bit of back and forthing, we realised that we used to work together at Victoria Police over a decade ago.

It turned out as we got chatting that there was a potentially an opportunity for me to deliver a presentation within the organisation – they were looking for someone to speak on the topic of work life balance and I was someone who could do that, but maybe even go one better, and talk about Life Integration instead.  We met up for a coffee and talked about a date later in the year.

A couple of months later I got an email asking if I was free on a certain date, and I (of course) said yes and we got it all booked in.

On Tuesday this week, I was driving up the car park at VicPol HQ in the city and I realised that this was the building that I used to work in, and it really kind of connected that this was the last role I had before I went back to London in 2006.

I shared with the audience what had happened since I’d left there, and afterwards it really hit me that I had come full circle.  I was back where I had left off, but I was there in a completely different capacity and coming from a completely different space.

But the circle was complete.

It was such a great feeling.

You can watch the video here.

There’s been some great discussion about what it is to come full circle and what it means when you realise that it’s happened.  I’d love for you to share your full circle moment too.

Love always,

Fiona xxx