“I release that which is no longer serving me, with love and deep gratitude”

Decluttering like a mofo over the last few years has changed my life extraordinarily in the most wonderful of ways.  I’ve become really good at letting stuff go, and there have been some great lessons in learning about myself as I’ve gone through the process in terms of what I hold onto and the reasons why.

And learning to let the physical clutter go also means allowing the letting go of the inner clutter too.

It’s a fascinating process, and it can actually become quite addictive (in a very positive way).

For me decluttering – as well as creating a happier and cleaner physical environment to be living in – is part of the process to help me achieve my goals.    If I really want to get stuff moving (and I do at the moment because I’ve got two massive goals I am focusing on achieving) then I like to declutter until it hurts 🙂

You can watch the video here.

Decluttering has a purpose in helping to create space and free up energy and to let go of the things that are no longer serving, to allow the miraculous new things that I know are coming to come.

I’m good at keeping on top of my own clutter, but I haven’t managed my kids stuff quite as well.   And it’s very important to me that they learn the magical life changing skill of decluttering and letting stuff go – with love.

So, yesterday my kids and I spent a few hours decluttering all of their clothes and toys and drawings.  When they were smaller, I did the decluttering on their behalf (when they were not around – nothing was able to leave the house if they were around when I tried), but now they are a little bit older (6 and 8) they need to have a say in it.

Last school holidays I had attempted to declutter with them.  It actually turned into one of my biggest parenting fails.  I really did not handle it at all well and had to let go of trying to get them to do it.

This school holidays, I approached it in a completely different way.  I communicated with them really clearly in the week before about what we were going to do, and why it was important, and where things would be going (to be kept, to the charity shop, to the recycling bin, to the rubbish bin or to the hard rubbish collection), and what was expected of them.  I understood from their reactions last time as to how best to help them (one instruction at a time, to get down to their level and do it with them, and I knew my son needed a lot more time and space to get his head around what was being asked of him).  And I decided to make it fun and to reward them for doing it.

We ended up having a most amazing day – it included a trip out for hot chocolate, jumping on the trampoline and finishing up with them riding their scooters to the local bowling alley for a game of ten pin bowling.

We exceeded my expectations for the day – we got more done than I could have ever imagined and with no tears.  Everyone won yesterday and my house is the cleanest and tidiest it has been for ages.

The kids loved it and both of them experienced the magic that only a really good tidy up and release of stuff can bring.

You can watch the video here.

Have you got a goal you are aiming for at the moment?  Why not get really clear on what that is, give yourself a purpose to the reason why you are doing it and then have a go at a really decent declutter.  It’s a win all round – you get to feel absolutely amazing, you are improving the environment you live in and and then you get to be open to see what miraculous magic happens.

Because it always, always does, especially when you combine focus, action and belief.

Love always,

Fiona xxx