… it doesn’t mean you have to think about it.

When we can learn to become aware of and let go of the unasked for thoughts, we create more space for our conscious and desired thoughts to take shape.

Our thoughts are how we create our reality, so choose the good ones   Last week I shared a little video of some of my thoughts around my thinking (ahhhh the irony) and you can watch that here.

And so following on from that, following on from me really making an effort to not waste any more time thinking about my thoughts about writing and publishing a book, yesterday we announced on #BusinessAddicts the podcast that The Happiness Hunter’s Guide to Meditation with Dr Issam Kadamani is now available for pre-sale (with delivery just in time for Christmas).

For over two years I have known that I need to write a book sharing the story of The Happiness Hunter and for over two years I have been telling myself all the reasons why this cannot happen.

For over two years I have allowed my thinking about my thoughts to stop me from taking action.

And then I had the pleasure of being able to think about the thoughts that were thinking about the thoughts of why I wasn’t able to do it.

Seriously, not fun.

So, what changed?

The reason that I am now sitting here writing to you and letting you know that this book is now on pre-sale is because I simply made a decision that I was going to do it and I decided that nothing was going to stop me.

I’ve applied this process to many other things in my life and business and I know it works, so with the awareness of me not doing what I was meant to be doing (aka writing a book) I knew I had to channel all my energy into a positive direction and focus on just doing it.  You can watch the video here where I share my fool proof way to get stuff done.

I set an intention that I was going to write this book and that I wanted it done within three months… and then I meditated.

And straight after that meditation I realised that maybe I could get someone to help me with this, that I didn’t need to do it all on my own (there are many elements that go into creating a book and getting it onto the shelves and I was finding that whole process was completely overwhelming) so I got a book coach called Dora Altintas to help me.

Letting go of the idea of needing to do it all myself was 100% liberating.

And having someone to guide me and to hold me accountable has meant that I am just doing it.  I’ve got someone to help me challenge my thoughts and my thinking and I’ve got someone who is backing me and cheering me on.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, I’m now too focused on taking positive action to have time to think about my thoughts on this topic and that, combined with writing about meditation and reflecting on my own meditation practice, means that I am much more aware of my thoughts being just that, a thought, and not something that I have to engage with.

If you are looking to start a meditation practice and to discover how you can learn to become aware of your thoughts as just that – a thought – and to start to become aware that just because you have a thought, it doesn’t mean you need to think about it; then get on board and grab your very own copy of The Happiness Hunter’s Guide to Meditation and receive it just in time for Christmas.

With all my love,

Fiona xxx


Alternative Healing.

Our most recent episode of #BusinessAddicts was all about one of the things that has completely transformed my life – alternative healing. Whether you are a sceptic (like my good friend Loren) or if you believe in it (like me) tune in to this episode to learn more and understand how it works as Dr Issam shares his wisdom with us.

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