We are now heading into the very pointy end of 2017, and the pace is often starting to increase at this time of year … before January hits and everything almost stops.  It’s like people get whipped into a frenzy before collapsing.  I often think how crazy it is that we do this to ourselves – the end of the year can be so full on with concerts and end of year stuff and we must catch up before Christmas catch ups and planning and shopping and all the rest of it.   Whilst a lot of this stuff is great fun, I can tell you that there is not too many people that I speak to that really enjoy it all that much.  It’s like going through the motions a lot of the time, feeling busy and stressed and pulled in many different directions.

A couple of years ago, I simply decided that I didn’t want to have crazy Decembers anymore.  I stopped feeling the need to have to cram a whole years worth of socialising into a few short weeks.  I stopped feeling any pressure to conform to the social requirements of this time of year.  It wasn’t about being anti-social, it was more about not wanting to feel like my diary was maxed out with things I felt like I needed to do.

So much better.  So much more peaceful.

And it’s all just about to kick off now (if it hasn’t already).

So my question to you is this before the stress and the busy and the overwhelm kicks in – do you really have to do everything you think you have to do at this time of year?

Or is there possibly another way that you can experience this time of year?

If you just take a moment to pause and reflect, is there some stuff you can just let go?

Can you perhaps exchange that time instead for a little less busy, and a little bit more time just hanging out with the ones you love?

White space in the calendar (and lots of it) is a wonderful way to celebrate this time of year.

With all my love,

Fiona xxx

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Upcoming courses for 2018.

For the last few months, I have been affirming the following:

I am organised, I am disciplined, I am structured and I am focused.

A LOT of good has come from this – financially, with my kids, on the nutrition front, with my boundaries, with my time management, I could go on. I LOVE AFFIRMATIONS.

What you are about to read below is further evidence of it, and if you are really feeling like you want to create a different reality for yourself in 2018, then this also creates the opportunity for you to plan out your year a bit next year as well.

The Happiness Hunter Bootcamp.

We will be doing two live rounds of the Bootcamp, starting on March 1st and September 1st.

You can join at any time to get a head start on the content so you can get the most out of the Live Round with our weekly coaching calls.

The Bootcamp is just $997 for lifetime access or 4 x monthly payments of $250.

Become a Happiness Hunter here,

The Happiness Hunter Retreat.

There will be two Retreats, 19th & 20th May (6 spots left), 6th & 7th October (8 spots available).  The price for the Retreat ($1500) also includes lifetime access to The Happiness Hunter Bootcamp.

Please let me know asap if you want a place for either of these Retreats and we can organise a deposit to secure your place.

Book to attend the May Retreat here.

Visioning Weekend Workshop.


We are also running a Visioning Weekend Workshop on the 3rd & 4th March. This weekend is about helping you gain clarity on your vision and values for your life.  You will bring this vision down to practical and implementable goals, and we will cover time management and planning.  We will also help you understand where your blocks are with achieving your goals and how to overcome them.  You will also create a vision board for your life.  This weekend includes accommodation in Arthurs Creek, all food, healing and all the goodness of the retreat plus the goal setting and planning. It’s $850 and open to everyone.

**Please note that there are only 2 spots remaining for this, so get on board quickly if you are interested**.

Book your place here for the Visioning Weekend Workshop. 

Ajna™ Tibetan Healing Courses.

Some of you have asked about the Ajna™ Tibetan healing training – there will be an Ajna™ Tibetan Healing  Level 1 course on 24th & 25th March and an Ajna™ Tibetan Healing Level 2 course on the 15th & 16th September.

No payment plans available for these courses. Early bird $295. Full price $345.

You can find out more here and register.

The Sacred Journey™.

The Sacred Journey™ will be on the 20th & 21st October. Payment plans are available. $1250 early bird $1795 full price.

I personally and highly recommend The Sacred Journey™ as a remarkable and life changing healing experience.

You can find out more and book here.

One on one coaching & healing.

If you are interested in finding out more about working one on one with me, you can do so here.

I’m really happy to talk with you if you have any questions about any of these courses or want to have a chat about working one on one.  Please call on 1300 921 478 or reply to this message me if you have any questions.