How one sale changed it all.

I had the most fascinating exchange a few weeks ago with a random cafe owner in a random cafe (The Riverview Cafe in Warrandyte) that I was visiting for the first time in my life.  It was the week that I just announced that the meditation guide book was available for pre-sale, and so it was the week where all of the feelings of not being worthy and able to write it and feeling like a fake were really being highlighted.

I stopped in to this cafe on my way to the Ringwood walk, which had only just launched, and so it was a brand new route that I was driving along.  There was a guy behind the counter and he was laughing with another customer.  We all got chatting – as you do – and somehow the topic of conversation was about early mornings and what we do.  I said I like to go for a walk in the morning after I have got up and meditated.

The demeanour of Sam, the cafe owner, visibly shifted and he turned to me and he asked me straight up – “how do you learn to meditate?”  I said to him, well it’s funny you should ask that, because I am actually writing a book on meditation at the moment.  And he said really, and I said yes.  He asked me if it was like a dummies guide for meditation and I said yes.

He said he would buy a copy.

This time it was my turn to take a step back.  I must have had the most incredulous look on my face as I asked him – really?????? and he said yes.  And I said, I haven’t finished writing it yet.  And he said, that’s ok.  So I said, here you go, let me give you the link to purchase it.  And he said no, no, no.  He asked me how much it was, and I replied $24.99.  And as I was talking, he opened up the cash drawer in the till and took a $20 and a $5 note out and he gave them to me. 

And he said to me, bring it in to me when you are finished.

I don’t really have the words to explain what that $25 meant, either at the time it happened or now.

But what I can tell you is this.  I had already made some sales on the book.

The other week I was talking about imposter syndrome.  This is a really good example of how this plays out.

The sales I had already made were from Happiness Hunters who have done the bootcamp, come on retreats, done one on one coaching with me, led walks and come on walks.  Not only are these people part of my business and part of the community; they are also my friends.  I was very grateful and excited to get those orders.

But somehow – and I didn’t realise this until later – I had almost dismissed those sales in my head, because I thought they are just my friends and they want to support me.  It did not occur to me that they would be purchasing the book because they might actually have been interested in reading it themselves or in gifting it to a friend (both of which are the actual truth).

So this $25, in cash, from a guy called Sam at a cafe I had never visited before – that felt like a genuine sale.  Because he did not know me from a bar of soap, but he believed in me, he wanted to read my book, he wanted to read it enough that he was prepared to front up cold hard cash and give it to a stranger, and he trusted that I would keep up my end of the bargain.

What I then allowed that to represent, that meant so much more than the actual money itself, and it was such a powerful reminder about the way we can manipulate things.  People had bought my book but it was almost like I thought they felt sorry for me, which is the only reason why they were buying it.  I did not allow myself to see that it represented the exact same thing as what Sam had done. This is how ridiculous this stuff is.

I have since talked to a few of those other beautiful souls who had ordered a copy of the book (and paid their own real money) about how even though they believed in me, I didn’t really believe in myself.

And all it took was $25 from a stranger to help me shift that belief.

With all my love,

Fiona xxx

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