What is your focus for 2018?

Yesterday was the day my kids went back to school for the year.

So yesterday was my first day back at work for 2018.  This was the first summer that I have really allowed myself to take the summer off and spend it with my kids.  I did do little bits and pieces of work, but for the most part, I just accepted that January is a quiet time for me in my business and I like it like that.  It was a great experience to just practice being present with my kids, knowing that I have laid some really solid foundations in the business and there’s lots of things that had been set in motion in 2017 that were going to kick off in early 2018.    It was also an amazing feeling to recognise just how far I had come from the previous summer, and to see the massive difference that taking very little baby steps of action (and what felt very scary at the time) can actually achieve.

The month of January saw me really reflecting on what I am here to do, who I am here to help, and how best for me to do that.  One of the things that has really shown up for me (and I know this is something that we can all relate to) – is that I lack FOCUS.

I’ve got a million ideas (and all of them are great ideas, I’m sure of it) but you can’t focus on a million ideas (or even 10) at one time.  All this leads to is scattered-ness and overwhelm and feelings of not even knowing where to start… and so you don’t.  Start that is.  And when there was a start, then follow through was always a challenge.  Look!  Here!  And Here!  Bright shiny object!   Must action new idea immediately! This was already starting to show itself quite clearly last year, with lack of discipline and lack of structure and I’ve made some really good inroads into strengthening those areas that I have identified as being weak.  But now, it’s time for some laser focus, focus like an eagle and to really get some serious goals ticked off.  One. At. A. Time.

Today was my second day back at work, and I’m here now writing to you.  And I’ve missed this.  I’ve missed sharing stuff I’ve been up to, sharing lessons I’ve been learning, knowing that you take something from this (and I know you do, because you tell me) – it’s a comforting feeling, knowing that me being me, is a useful thing for others.

Next week, I am back into work full steam, and I am really excited to have such great clarity on where I am focusing my energy for the first half of the year.

I’m not focusing on my weaknesses, or where I could have done things differently.

I am focusing solely on my vision, and my purpose, and taking daily action towards my goals.

And it feels very good, I feel excited, I feel organised and I feel very calm.

So, after reading that, and having the opportunity for a little self reflection of your own – how will this year be different for you, to all the years that have come before?

Do you want to create change this year?

If so, what is your plan?  Wishing and hoping is not a plan.  Remember, you want to focus all of your energy on building the new and learning how to unleash your potential. Because where your attention goes, energy flows.  So let’s make 2018 about onwards and forwards and positively focusing on creating something new.

With all my love,

Fiona xxx