Recently, I went #offthegrid for 7 days. No phone, no email, no internet, no tv, no radio… just me and the birds for 7 days (and it’s the second time I’ve done it this year).


It gave me a connection that smashed all the “connectedness” of our current world out of the ball park, giving me space for clarity to emerge.


Getting rid of all of the millions of our daily distractions highlighted what’s really going on in my head… and allowed me to really feel into my heart, which then allowed the answers to come.


However what surprised me so much (both times) about doing something like this is how confronting it is for other people to contemplate what that could be like and whether they could do it.


To be honest, it wasn’t easy to do it; at times it was very challenging and confronting, but not once did I think I couldn’t do it. I found the idea of the challenge exciting and I dearly wanted to know what I would uncover in the solitude and the silence.


I know for a fact and without a doubt that one of the only reasons I was able to do it, is because I meditate. Meditation is not just a stress reliever or a calming tool or a way to increase energy and focus – meditation makes you stronger and meditation helps you to know you can do the stuff that not everyone thinks they can do (even though we ALL can do anything we put our minds to), because meditation connects you to the truth of who you really are.


And the truth of who you really are is strong and powerful and pure, unconditional love and infinite potential and beautiful beyond measure.


You can watch the video here.


Love always,



Fiona xxx



PS I found out when I returned to the “real world” that #BusinessAddicts The Podcast, which I co-host with my great friend Loren Bartley of Impactiv8, has been selected as a finalist in the Business & Marketing category of the Australian Podcast Awards which was super exciting news!  The winner will be announced on the 5th May and I’ll keep you posted, but we are over the moon to have made it to finalists and are rapt that our odcast was considered worthy of that great achievement



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