I’m really interested to know – how are you feeling right at the moment in this exact point in your life? What’s going well for you? What are you struggling with?  I’d love it if you hit reply and let me know!


One of the things my teacher Dr Issam has taught me is that if we want things to change and improve in our lives, the first thing we need to do is be grateful for and appreciate what we already have. Too often, we are so busy focusing on what we don’t have, or what we think we are lacking, that we lose all perspective on all of the goodness in all of the forms it appears right now at this moment in our lives.

What counts is how you see the world, 
not how the world sees you.

~Dr Issam Kadamani

And if we are struggling, what we need to understand is the problem we are having with the present moment, not the problem we think we have with the past or the problem we think we will have in the future.

It’s how it is showing up for you now that counts, and it’s how it is showing up for you now that is within your power to change.  And if you don’t like what you see, you absolutely have the ability to change it right now, by changing the way you are looking at things.  It is from this place of a better perspective, that we are able to eye ball it and deal with and move through our challenges and obstacles and struggles.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”   – Joseph Campbell

You can watch here how just this week I moved through a fear around rejection that was showing up for me – a belief that was carried over from my childhood – and how I was able to use it’s showing up as an opportunity for growth, rather than allowing it to hold me back.

I did have to retreat into my cave to do it, and I am incredibly fortunate to have strong guides in my life to help me work through my challenges.  Even as a coach, I still go through this stuff – it’s part of the human experience, and it’s what we are here to do; to learn, to understand and to grow.  But I’m out of my cave now and excited about where this new understanding will allow me to go, and, more importantly how I can be of greater use and service to others in my life.

It is incredibly difficult to develop an honest and truthful understanding of ourselves without guidance, mentoring and support.  Who do you have in your life that you know has your best interests at heart to help guide you on your path?

Love always,

Fiona xxx

Fiona Redding is the founder of The Happiness Hunter, co-host of #BusinessAddicts The Podcast and author of The Happiness Hunter’s Guide to Meditation.

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