Recently I shared with you the struggle I was experiencing around getting distracted.  After identifying significant gaps in my levels of organisation, structure, focus and discipline, over the last year or so, I have been researching and implementing some fantastic new systems and processes and these have really been helping me understand myself better, to understand where I am not operating at my best and not moving as quickly as I would like to be moving towards my goals and to give me some ways of overcoming these challenges.

However, what I realised was that even with what I thought was my best effort, I was still getting distracted and still not completing the things I really wanted to be completing in order to help me achieve my goals, in the in the time that I had allocated for these particular tasks.  

So clearly, what I was doing was still not my best effort.

Having identified that the issue now was not about system, structure or process, but was simply my inability to narrow my focus and to be able to focus on the task at hand, I started looking for a solution to this dilemma.  

How do I not get distracted from what I want to be doing? 

Given that I am the one who has set the goals, I am the one who has mapped out the plan, I am the one who has scheduled the time, I am the one who wants to do the work, I am the one who really, really wants to see the achievement of the vision – no-one is making me do this, it is 100% my choice – how do I simply do what I say I am going to do without wasting time on unnecessary distractions?

And then it hit me.  It was so simple.  It was like a revolutionary lightning bolt of awareness hitting my brain.

The secret to not getting distracted… is to not get distracted.

Maybe you might be reading that and think – how could she not know that???!?  

But just maybe you might be reading that and think (just like I did) that rather than looking outside for the solution – we don’t need a special anything to not get distracted, not a system or a process or a silver bullet – we simply need to bring ourselves back into awareness and to be disciplined in our focus for a specific period of time, on the designated task.

You can watch the video here. 

The secret to not getting distracted is to focus on your why, on your goals, on the reason that this is important.  

We need to almost set a very clear intention for what we are doing before we start, for why we are doing it and to remind ourselves why it matters.  Rather than just blindly taking an action, we need to really care about what we are doing.  This constant focus on the focus is what is going to bring us back to the task at hand – the task that we have decided to do – when we might feel ourselves drifting off into a place of distraction.

The secret to not getting distracted therefore is to be completely aligned with the purpose of what you are doing and why it is important, and to be disciplined about the doing of it, to simply not allow yourself to become distracted.

The secret to not getting distracted is to catch yourself the second you find yourself drifting, and to bring yourself fully back into the present and into the task at hand.

Therefore, each of us need to work out what our likely points of distraction are – it could be checking emails, making phone calls, mindlessly scrolling social media, striking up a conversation, cleaning the house, allowing yourself to go down the research rabbit warren of the internet after you have already found the answer you needed – and be on the front foot when we find ourselves drifting into distraction, be honest with ourselves that we are doing it, and to be disciplined about bringing ourselves back to what really matters.

So, remember.  it’s very simple.  The key to not getting distracted, is to not get distracted.

Good luck!

Love always,

Fiona xxx



Fiona Redding is the founder of The Happiness Hunter, co-host of #BusinessAddicts The Podcast and author of The Happiness Hunter’s Guide to Meditation.

Based on leading research, metaphysical principles and her own real life learnings and experiences, The Happiness Hunter will teach and empower you to change your life with the strategies, tools and mindset shifts required to live an abundant, successful and healthy life, full of passion, joy and meaning, and free of stress and anxiety.

Our services include life coaching and healing services, workshops, retreats, keynote presentations and corporate wellbeing programs with a focus on life integration instead of work life balance.

The Happiness Hunter also organises free community walks and weekly classes throughout Australia in an effort to increase happiness & wellbeing through human connection, nature and exercise, which is supported by a leadership network.