Where are you at right now as you are reading this?

Take this moment right now to pause, to centre yourself, to ground yourself and to ask yourself –

WHERE’S MY HEAD AT?  Where am I at in the day?  How am I feeling about things?

Check in with yourself, ask yourself – am I actually here in this present moment?

Or am I drifting off into something that hasn’t happened yet and feeling anxious or stressed about it?

Am I focusing on something that has already happened – ruminating on it or dwelling on it?

Ask yourself – am I actually present to what is going on for me right here and right now, with whatever is right in front of me right now?

Am I here, am I present?  Where is my head at?

And if it’s not right here and now, then pause, take three deep breaths and bring yourself back to this moment now.

You can watch the video here.

Love always,

Fiona xxx


Fiona Redding is the founder of The Happiness Hunter, co-host of #BusinessAddicts The Podcast and author of The Happiness Hunter’s Guide to Meditation.


Based on leading research, metaphysical principles and her own real life learnings and experiences, The Happiness Hunter will teach and empower you to change your life with the strategies, tools and mindset shifts required to live an abundant, successful and healthy life, full of passion, joy and meaning, and free of stress and anxiety.

Our services include life coaching and healing services, workshops, retreats, keynote presentations and corporate wellbeing programs with a focus on life integration instead of work life balance.

The Happiness Hunter also organises free community walks and weekly classes throughout Australia in an effort to increase happiness & wellbeing through human connection, nature and exercise, which is supported by a leadership network.