Hitting Refresh


It’s ok for you to hit REFRESH in your life, business, relationships, finances, in anything.

It’s ok to seek out and ask for help to do it.

You don’t have to keep doing something that isn’t really getting you anywhere.

Hitting refresh doesn’t have to be about huge things, sometimes hitting refresh on little things can create a very big impact.

The great thing about hitting refresh is that you can pick up back right where you left off, just without the frustration and with things running up to date and more smoothly.

You don’t have to keep spinning your wheels, staring at the screen and going nowhere, getting frustrated… if something isn’t loading properly in your life – where can you just hit REFRESH?

Love always,

Fiona xxx

PS one of the best ways I know of to hit refresh is to meditate, but you can hit refresh in lots of very simple ways in your life, by simply acknowledging that maybe there might be some fresh information available and allowing yourself the time and space to let it in.


Fiona Redding is the founder of The Happiness Hunter, co-host of #BusinessAddicts The Podcast and author of The Happiness Hunter’s Guide to Meditation.

Based on leading research, metaphysical principles and her own real life learnings and experiences, The Happiness Hunter will teach and empower you to change your life with the strategies, tools and mindset shifts required to live an abundant, successful and healthy life, full of passion, joy and meaning, and free of stress and anxiety.

Our services include life coaching and healing services, a 3 month online Bootcamp, workshops, retreats, keynote presentations and corporate wellbeing programs with a focus on life integration instead of work life balance.

The Happiness Hunter also organises community walks and weekly classes throughout Australia in an effort to increase happiness & wellbeing through human connection, nature and exercise, which is supported by a leadership network.