International Day of Happiness


Today is one of my favourite days of the year!

Today is the International Day of Happiness and this year’s theme is Happier Together, focusing on what we have in common, rather than what divides us.

Aristotle wrote that finding happiness and fulfillment is achieved “by loving rather than in being loved.”

We can do this through caring for each other, seeking to understand, to listen, to not have to be right and to not need to win the argument, to show compassion.

Real connection with others and being a contributing, selfless member of a community is such an integral aspect of our happiness.

The whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts, but the whole is made up of the individual parts.

And it is through our individual contribution to the greater good that we can realise the benefits at an individual level.

Participation in our relationships and being a contributing member of a community – with all that it entails – creates something that only exists because of our shared vision and our showing up, and means that the space has been created where we can support each other through all of life’s experiences, not just in times of crisis.

Although it’s often the times of crisis that remind us why it matters.

You can watch the video here.

Wherever you are today, whoever you are with and whatever you are doing, I hope that you have a wonderful day – really appreciating the people who you are spending it with.

Love always,

Fiona xxx

“The International Day of Happiness is celebrated worldwide every March 20, and was conceptualized and founded by philanthropist, activist, statesman, and prominent United Nations special advisor Jayme Illien to inspire, mobilize, and advance the global happiness movement”

The Happiness Hunter is delighted to be able to be part of this global initiative with our annual walk and meetup for happiness. Come and join us in Melbourne this Sunday morning or hold your own virtual walk!  Find out more here.



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