Most of us are familiar with the saying that it’s not the destination that counts, it’s the journey.   

But it’s not just a saying.  There is profound truth in it – as there are in so many of these adages. These sayings in all of their various iterations are sign posts to guide us on whichever road we are walking in life.

Imagine that there was no actual destination.  No end point.  No penultimate place we needed to arrive at. 

That there was just the road, or many roads. 

That it didn’t matter which road we chose. 

Which then leads us to ask – if there is nowhere that we are heading to, what is the point to the road?

To me it then becomes that the only thing that matters is how we walk that road.

Do we walk with doubt, with fear, with anger, with resentment, with blame?

Or do we choose another way to walk?  One with confidence and belief and hope and trust and faith and love and kindness?

Do we choose to trust that wherever we are on the road and whatever is going on for us is actually exactly where we are meant to be, with everything we need for that moment?  Knowing that therein lies the only success that really matters.

Success on the road then is not about where we end up, or what we achieve or what we actually do – those are not the things that ultimately matter.

What really matters is how we do it.

How does that make you feel?  To think that success is not a what, but that real success in life is within and throughout.

For example, love.  Let’s just imagine that this is what we are all seeking.  Or happiness.  Love and happiness is not the end point, not the destination.  Expressing true love is done through our actions.   And an action is done in the present moment.  Love is not some point in the future, love is not some goal achieved or accolade received.  Happiness is a way of being, it can only be experienced in the present moment.  Happiness is present wherever we are and whatever we are doing.  We do however need to open ourselves up to it.  If we are waiting for something to happen for us to be happy, then we are going to die waiting.  

Love and happiness is here and now experienced and expressed through how we live, not necessarily by what we are doing or where we end up.

For example – giving to charity or doing something for another person – it’s not about WHAT you are doing, it’s about how you are doing it.  Because if you are only doing it to save money on your taxes or to look good, or because you feel like you have to and you are resentful and complaining about it – then the action itself has no depth or meaning.  The intention behind what you are doing is what speaks the loudest.  So the destination – the giving, is not actually the point.  The point is to become the giver and to allow yourself to truly experience what giving is.   Likewise, achieving your goal or arriving somewhere where you thought it mattered – that’s not really the point either.  The point is how you lived it and who you became along the way.

So let’s imagine it doesn’t actually matter WHAT you do.  That the only thing that is important, is HOW you do it. 

To do whatever you are doing with your whole heart, with passion, with gratitude, with appreciation, with wonder, with patience, with love, with humility, with grace, with kindness, with compassion.

I have just finished listening to Shoe Dog – a memoir by Phil Knight, the founder of Nike.  It’s a pretty amazing story of the journey Phil went on in the creation of what was to become a global brand and a household name.   About the struggles, the failures, the incredible highs, the marathon he ran in the relentless pursuit of his dream and the building of a loyal-to- the-end-team around him – a dream that was never about the money for any of them.    So, when he became a multi-millionaire literally overnight when the company went public, his reflection was of a feeling of regret that it was over.  And all he wanted to do – on the very night he achieved what for many would be the pinnacle of success in life – was to go back to the start and do the whole thing again. 

And what it really meant for me that in the end, it was that the journey of Nike – and the faith that he developed to sustain him on the road – that was ultimately the destination.

Life and success is about BEING, and about how that being allows you to become who you were meant to be.  Success in life is about our attitude and our behaviour towards our deeds – not simply by achieving the deed itself. 

Love always,

Fiona xxx


Hello, I’m Fiona Redding, founder of The Happiness Hunter, co-host of #BusinessAddicts The Podcast and author of The Happiness Hunter’s Guide to Meditation.

My mission: creating a world where everyone understands that happiness is their birthright.

My vision: to show you how.