We recently created a poll on The Happiness Hunter Facebook page asking our online community whether they celebrate their success regularly or whether they could be better at celebrating goals. 100% of participants showed that this is an area of their lives that needs work! 

Achieving your goals is something worth celebrating, even if they may seem small. If we do not give ourselves a big pat on the back for working hard to get to where we are, you may find yourself constantly looking forward, searching for the next best thing. Creating more and more goals and not really enjoying the journey or the process (which is what it is all about right?) can lead to dissatisfaction. 

Being present means we are in the here and the now. If you have done something you set yourself a challenge to do; say getting that promotion at work, graduating from the course you enrolled in, even surviving a 30-day boot camp, that is incredible! We should stop and reflect and give ourselves a moment to tell say, “I did so well. I am proud of myself.” We do this to friends and loved ones, so why do we not do this to ourselves? 

We need to get better at anchoring these moments of success

Some of us may not have received much praise in our childhood or in our adult life, but learning to be proud of yourself is vital if you want to reap the benefits of your efforts. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Reflection and evaluation are important aspects of this celebration process. What went well? Why did it go well? If we think about these answers, we are able to learn from our achievements. This means we can use our newfound knowledge to reach other goals we set for ourselves in our life. Psychologist and author on this topic, David DeSteno, PhD, states that emotions like pride can lead people to even more success in the future. He goes on to say feelings such as gratitude and pride are “emotions that we would experience when celebrating and they help us develop greater resiliency and motivation for the future.” The even better news is that by us celebrating our own success, we can positively inspire others in our lives to do the same

What are some ways to celebrate your success? 

Celebrating is about appreciating the process and not so much focusing on a reward. It’s all about intrinsic motivation – self regulating motivation to benefit from the effort put in to achieve a goal. 

Personal reflection

Ask yourself, what are some things you liked about the process?

What made you feel good about completing the task, or reaching the goal?

What are you most proud of?

How did you overcome the hard stuff? 

Sharing your success 

Express your gratitude and appreciation for a friend, coworker or loved one that may have helped you along the way and contributed to your success. 

Be present

Right now is not the time to think about your other goals or plans. Take the time to sit with your success and feel how good it feels to have achieved what you set out to do! If we are constantly searching for more, more, more and nothing is good enough, we won’t be able to foster the emotions of joy and appreciation for our efforts. This may lead to discontentment in our lives. 

Anchor the feeling

When you have realised your goal or achieved success, one of the best things you can do is to anchor the feeling.  Become fully aware of how you feel in your body, the sense of accomplishment, excitement, achievement.  Allow yourself to fully experience this feeling,  close your eyes and breathe completely in to it, become aware of everything around you, allow yourself to feel grounded in the moment and for the positive feelings to expand.  The action of anchoring this feeling will strengthen it and allow you to fully appreciate it and the positive emotion it reinforces will give you greater momentum to move forward.

Mark the occasion by doing something you love 

Whether it is treating yourself to a massage, going out for a drink with a friend or your partner, hosting a dinner party or BBQ or doing something you have always wanted to. These things will feel so much better when you truly believe you deserve it! (you always deserve it, but it can feel great when you have worked hard to get there). 

Be proud of yourself, relish in the aftermath of reaching your goals and accomplishments and motivate yourself to strive toward being the best version of yourself that you can be. And make sure to celebrate the little things and the big things, you’ll thank yourself for it.


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