Episode 103

The Great Aussie Hike with Anna Brown


In this bonus episode, you’ll meet Anna Brown, founder and program director of the Great Aussie Hike – a fantastic initiative that I am absolutely delighted to be an ambassador for.
The Great Aussie Hike was developed in 2020 by a small group wanting to do something to help the mental wellbeing of our community after long periods of lockdown and isolation. It focuses on human connection, goal setting, physical activity in nature and mindset development that mates support each other to work through. The aim is on establishing new skills and lifestyle habits that reset and strengthen mental wellbeing after long periods of lockdown.
It began as a one off, but due to the success of the inaugural cycle and with the need only increasing, it has returned with a new program and an exciting challenge set for April 2022. The structure remains a volunteer-led, not for profit organisation with 100% of funds invested into the safety and support of participants.
The program concludes with a team walking challenge. Teams can choose from different distances – 30km, 43km, 57km and 100km (completed over two days). Participants can walk one section or the entire distance. Teams just have to conquer their distance goal collectively as a group, allowing for all members of a friendship group to participate in some way.
The challenge is set to wind around the stunning Mornington Peninsula on April 1-2, 2022 exploring a number of the region’s hidden treasures and smaller townships. Considerable focus has been placed on developing a course that is diverse, achievable and rewarding. Teams on day one also get to enjoy a ride in the Arthurs Seat Eagle to climb to the top of the summit.

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