Episode 151

Achieving My Half Marathon Goal

Recently, I completed my first half-marathon.

It was a goal I set at the start of the year, a goal that supported my bigger vision for my life – that is, to be the fittest, healthiest and happiest I have ever been.

Over the last few months, I have had to overcome a few challenges; with physical weaknesses being exposed and having to be corrected, with fatigue, with looking at my nutrition, vitamins and supplements, managing my time, and also becoming aware of patterns of self-sabotage (and catching them before they went too far!).

It has been a worthy goal to pursue, and I learned a great deal about myself in the process. It was a great example of something I talk about a lot – that goal setting is not about the actual achievement of the goal itself – rather, it’s who we had to become along the way to become the person for whom it is possible.

Running has never been something that has come naturally to me, and it has only been since my late 30’s that I ever even had a go at it. But over the last few years, it has been something that I have been more and more drawn to. I walk a lot, and the running isn’t to replace the walking, for me they are two very different activities that each provide something unique.

In this episode of the podcast, I’m sharing with you the behind the scenes of the process of the last few months. And while I am talking about it in the context of the half-marathon goal, the lessons and insights are universal.

It was such a fantastic experience, I loved it all, even the really hard bits. I am very grateful for the experience and I hope that you gain something that you can apply into your own life, from listening to this episode.

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Fiona Redding

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My mission in life is to share everything I have learned – and am continuing to learn – about turning my own life around and to really help you understand that happiness is to be found in the overcoming of obstacles and challenges in your life, and not in the absence of them.  To achieve your potential in life, you need to become your potential.  And for that to be, you need to understand yourself, and learn how to harness your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.   You have the power within you to create whatever reality you choose, and I am here to help you know that if you don’t like what you are experiencing, then you can absolutely change that.   But you do have to choose, believe, and be open to all possibilities, and to keep showing up every day, even when it feels really hard. Because if you do what is easy, your life will be hard.  But if you do what is hard, your life will be easy.