Episode 155

Honour Your Core Values with Dr John Demartini

In today’s episode of the podcast, you’ll get to hear from human behavioural specialist and founder of The Demartini Institute, Dr John Demartini. Having authored over 50 books (and counting), over the last 40 years he has worked across the globe assisting and guiding individuals and groups to greater levels of achievement, fulfillment, and empowerment in all areas of their lives.

We cover a huge amount of ground in this episode, and you’ll have many opportunities to reflect on how your life is demonstrating your values – and gain some key insights into how you can make your life your masterpiece.

Some of the things we discuss, include:

  • Determining your values and hierarchy of values
  • Making decisions and priorities based on your values
  • The Values Determination Process
  • How money circulates in the economy
  • Determining the difference between assets and consumables that depreciate in value
  • The seven different types of wealth
  • Self-depreciation as a feedback system
  • Why the mind is our greatest treasure
  • Prioritising action and prioritising perception
  • Setting goals to master each of the areas of our lives
  • Delegation
  • Uncovering your creative genius
  • Taking on challenges that inspire you
  • The principle of reflection
  • How being too proud or too humble prevents us from knowing and loving ourselves and others
  • Creating sustainable fair exchange in everything
  • Contrast and perception
  • The power of reading and how to choose what to read
  • Visualisation to activate priorities
  • Getting clear on what you want, setting goals and being open to opportunities
  • Your life as a masterpiece
  • Measuring and tracking your achievements
  • Why we need a vital and enthusiastic energy
  • Habits and routines
  • How having a true north reduces volatility in life
  • Keeping a gratitude record to document opportunities
  • Giving yourself permission to acknowledge what you set out and did

May you know yourself, and may you be yourself.

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