Corporate Wellbeing Programs

The Happiness Hunter’s Corporate Wellbeing Programs can be tailored to suit your organsiation and help your employees focus on Life Integration, increasing overall happiness and wellbeing in and out of the workplace and in turn improving productivity at work.

The Happiness Hunter offers a wide range of workshops, programs and coaching that all contribute to more cohesive relationships and a healthier, happier, more productive and positive workplace.

We will also help your business identify and address the systemic issues that will inhibit the success of meaningfully implementing the wellbeing strategy.


Our team of experienced and passionate coaches and consultants can help your business achieve its goals by supporting the people in your business to achieve theirs.


~ Life, Executive & Leadership Coaching

~ Bringing Your Best Self to Work – 2 day workshop

~ Understanding The Enneagram – 2 day workshop

~ Parents @ Work program – 1 day workshop

~ Resilience and Managing Emotions at Work – half day 

~ Meditation & Mindfullness Training – half day

~ Managing Stress workshop – half day

~ EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) workshop – half day

~ Managing Time and Boundaries workshop – half day

~ Keynote Speaking


People as prime motivation

The Happiness Hunter Corporate Wellbeing programs recognise that when people are encouraged and supported to be well and balanced within themselves, and across all the elements of their life, they will be happier, more engaged and ultimately more productive in their personal life, their family life, their community life and at work.

A positive ROI

Wellbeing in the workplace is now considered a strategic imperative.  Organisations that have taken a well thought out approach to their wellbeing programs experience lower absenteeism, greater productivity and higher morale.

Aligning values

The Happiness Hunter Corporate Wellbeing strategy will implement lasting change by aligning personal values to a corporate vision.  Our successful program works on the understanding that to sustain positive change, each individual in the workplace must take 100% responsibility for their own life and how they are showing up in it.

Engaged leadership

A wellbeing stretagy must be learned, lived and led by the executive and senior leadership team.  As culture spreads from the top down, we introduce our corporate wellbeing strategy to the leadership team first, followed by the other layers of management and working teams.

How our programs work

Genuine wellbeing is holistic and in order for change to be sustainable, it must be supported at the top level of an organisation, while also working at an individual level and addressing the personal mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social wellbeing of your employees.

We start with a dialogue with the senior executive to ensure the intervention is in strategic alignment with the organisation’s identity and values.

The next step is a workshop with a project team / a team of project sponsors, to determine:

What the current wellbeing challenges and objectives are.

What is currently in place. 

What is currently being measured (if anything).

Recommendations will be made on this process.

An initial benchmark will be measured and set, followed by an action orientated change program across the organisation.  Measurement mechanisms are built in to enable ongoing improvement in the areas identified.

Life integration versus work life balance

At The Happiness Hunter we focus on Life Integration (quite different to the common work life balance concept).  This is the philosophy of seamlessly integrating wellbeing into every element of a person’s life.  We help people see that there does not have to be a distinction between work and life.

Working in partnership with our clients, we create and deliver wellbeing programs for organisations who genuinely want their people to thrive, and who understand that thriving people leads to a thriving business.

Successful life integration can be achieved when you:

  • Have a clear vision for what a successful life means for you,
  • Have a clearly defined decision making framework,
  • Understand your priorities and what is important,
  • Have clarity on your goals,
  • Have a plan for daily action to realise your goals
  • Take complete responsibility for your life and your mind-set,
  • Know when things are out of balance within any element of your life or across the seven elements,
  • Give yourself permission to do what is important to maintain and regain balance, and
  • Accept that you are the only person who can change things.


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We are happy to tailor a program to suit your organisation’s needs. 

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