Corporate Wellbeing Programs

Since 2013, The Happiness Hunter has been helping organisations, entrepreneurs and individuals shift their mindset to live in a way that helps them realise and live the vision for their lives.

At The Happiness Hunter we are focused on an idea called Life Integration, which is about empowering you (and your business) with simple steps to support you (and your people) to become more balanced, focused and productive.

Our programs help individuals to lead happier, healthier, more connected and meaningful lives.  Where there is balance, there is improvement not only in your personal life, your family and your community, but also in your business or organisation.

We believe that when individuals are balanced within themselves mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially, not only are they better for their lives and their families and their communities… but they are better for your business too.

We create unique programs for organisations who genuinely want their people to thrive; who understand that thriving people leads to thriving business growth.


  • Have a clear vision for what a successful life means for you,
  • Have a clearly defined decision making framework,
  • Have clarity on your goals,
  • Understand your priorities and what is important,
  • Take complete responsibility for your life and your mind-set,
  • Know when things are out of balance within any element of your life or across the seven elements,
  • Give yourself permission to do what is important to maintain and regain balance, and
  • Accept that you are the only person who can change things.


Unique Solutions for Your Business

We offer a wide range of workshops, programs and coaching that all contribute to a healthier, happier, more productive and positive workplace.

Our hand-picked team of coaches and consultants will help your business by helping your people.

  • Business, Executive & Leadership Coaching
  • The Seven Elements – A Framework for Life Integration Workshop & Program
  • The Spirited Leadership Program
  • The Enneagram Workshop
  • Leadership Training
  • Meditation Coaching
  • Walk-shopping To Drive Innovation
  • Managing Stress
  • Keynote Speaking

The Happiness Hunter Works With You

Your people will:

  • Get clear on the vision for your life, who you want to be, how you want to be, and what you want for your life.
  • Get clear on your goals (in the context of Life Integration)
  • Understand your priorities
  • Work out areas where you are stuck or have a barrier to moving forward
  • Reflect on the alignment of your life and work with your passions, strengths & values
  • Determine areas where you can implement stronger boundaries
  • Learn how to manage your time better
  • Identify and have the tools to smash through your limiting beliefs
  • Bring your vision down into a bite sized, practical implementation plan
  • Commit to achieving your goals

Meet Our Team

Your-Coaches---Fiona-Redding-The-Happiness-HunterFIONA REDDING – Hello! I am Fiona Redding.  I’m the founder of The Happiness Hunter, life success coach & business strategist, healer and speaker. I am also co-host of #BusinessAddicts – the podcast.

As an holistic visionary, my gift is to help you get to the beating heart of your life purpose & business strategy, to help set your direction and map out the steps you need to take to get you there, whilst empowering you with the tools & mind-set shifts required to live an abundant, successful and happy life with passion, joy and meaning.



DR ISSAM KADAMANI – MSCD M. IMM (Aust) M. NMI (Aust) Alumni USA, Reiki & Sekhem Master, Ajna Grand Master is the Principal at The International College of Meditation & Healing. His focus is to empower you so that you can live your life to the fullest, with unconditional love and joy. 

For the last 35 years Dr Issam has taught around the world, and is now based in Melbourne; consulting with The Happiness Hunter, running seminars and workshops, teaching meditation and metaphysics and providing much sought after life & business coaching, healing and spiritual mentoring.


DR LINDA WILSON is a Stress Management Specialist, Author, Presenter and Speaker who understands that the capacity to change your mind changes your world. Linda supports corporates and individuals to better identify, understand and manage their stress. Linda’s work is informed by her degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Graduate Diploma in Education (Health) and 17 years clinical experience in her multi-modality wellness practice in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Linda’s corporate and individual programs incorporate the latest neurological research, tools and techniques to create sustainable individual plans with a focus on taking personal responsibility.

Linda is the ‘Author of ‘Stress Made Easy – Peeling Women off the Ceiling’ and hosts a weekly radio show which focuses on stress, health and wellbeing for individuals and businesses. She is also an official contributor to ‘Smallville – for small businesses with big ideas’.


CHARMA VOLLER – is an integral part of The Happiness Hunter team, and is a transformational HR Professional, performance and change consultant and leadership and career coach, who is incredibly curious about human behaviour and changing the way we live, work and play for a more fulfilled life.

Charma’s goal is to create HR efficiencies, making the administration of employing people really easy for small to medium sized businesses. This creates the opportunity to really have fun developing your employees through awesome programs such as The 7 Elements – Life Integration and the Spirited Leadership Program based on the I4 Neuroleadership model and assessment tool.


TONI EVERARD – Personal growth and change is what I’m passionate about.

Dedicated to helping individuals, teams and companies get extraordinary results! Essentially, I help people rework their thinking to allow them to let go of behaviours that aren’t working for them, and replace them with new powerful strategies to achieve their goals. My mission is to inspire everyone I reach to have the power to ask for what they truly want out of any area of life, and to give them the crucial tools to accomplish what they desire.

Toni is a Certified Master Practitioner Coach and Trainer of NLP.  Her coaching and training courses focus on various personal development modalities such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching.


PAUL O’BRIEN – Paul is the co-creator of The Seven Elements Framework for Life Integration.

Paul is an executive and leadership coach and trainer – developing and implementing leadership strategies, training programs and general interventions for organisations that want to develop a workforce that is capable of achieving the organisation’s vision in an ethical and innovative manner.

Paul  holds  a  Masters  in  Leadership  &  Management,  a  Bachelor  of  Business Management,  a  Graduate  Diploma  in  Applied  Management  and  a  Diploma  in Training  and  Assessment  Systems.  He is  a  graduate and Fellow  of  the  Australian Rural   Leadership  Foundation,   an   AHRI   member   and   an   accomplished  public speaker.

For more information and for a completely obligation free chat, please call 1300 921 478 or contact Fiona here.