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The Steps for Change

Over 6 weeks you will come on an EPIC ride that is going to open you up in ways that you cannot even begin to imagine, and bring you through the other side forever transformed and with a more loving, kind, compassionate, forgiving, accepting and caring relationship towards yourself and everyone else in your life.
This program is designed to:
Give you CLARITY and FOCUS
Give you a PLAN
Give you practical TOOLS and STRATEGIES
Give you SUPPORT
Get you MOVING
You will:
- learn how to take 100% responsibility for 100% of your life
- understand exactly where you are now, across all of the elements of your life
- develop your non-negotiable decision making framework so you will know what to say YES to in life and what to say NO to
- gain clarity on your Major Definite Purpose, which is a very compelling vision for your life AND you will believe it is possible
- understand the gaps between where you are now and where you would like to be
- get clear on your priorities
- learn how to set, take action on and achieve goals that are fully aligned to your drivers, values and vision
- become a better manager of your time, improve your money mindset and how you allocate resources
- develop life changing habits and routines; taking small, daily action to start building some massive momentum
- work through the blocks and barriers that are keeping you stuck where you are
- be part of an amazing community who are going to lift and support you, as you do for them
- work with ME as your coach to hold the space, and to guide, challenge and support you every step of the way
Here is what two of our recent participants have said:
‘The Steps for Change program is a balance of the awareness and practical. The awareness process leads to blocks you didn’t even know you had! Fi gives you tools you can use and puts into play practical steps to follow. All while feeling supported in your group with no judgement.
Fi knows her stuff and has put it into practice with amazing results. She uses a no bullshit approach. You show up and you’ll get results"
Learning awareness and being present.
Being present is a game changer.
Once you understand this concept and trust it you gain much more clarity and awareness! These two things alone allow you to progress in your own personal development as you truly learn what and what doesn't matter. Just feel it, absorb it, go with it 💕
If you are ready to take on your life in a completely new and empowered way, then send me a message and we can see if this program is the right one for you!


This program has within it everything you need to understand who you are, how you got to where you are, what you want for your life and how you want to be living it.

Through some straight talking, simple explanations of universal principles, practical steps, and a supportive community, you will learn how to take responsibility for yourself and your life and see how and where you can experience life differently.

This program has the potential to really work for you. However, this program will only work if you show up, don’t give up, and you do the work required. A cornerstone of The Happiness Hunter philosophy is that if you want things to change, then throw everything at it.

Essentially: if you don’t change, if you are not prepared to change, then there is no change.

Once you start (and once you commit) this whole new way of living will begin to transform you from the inside out. As you transform from the inside, the world around you will transform. You will bring your family, friends, work colleagues and random strangers along for the ride, inspiring them through your changed attitude and behaviour.

The steps in this program are universal and they can be applied to ANYTHING.

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