The Leadership Program

The Happiness Hunter Leadership Program is a business network and mastermind, based entirely on the concept of reciprocity and aims to create a new paradigm for business. (Please note that you must be an active participant in the The Happiness Hunter Bootcamp to be able to join the Leadership Program and become a walk host with The Happiness Hunter).


A dreamer?

A do-er?

Running your own business, or working in a job you absolutely adore?

Passionate about what you are doing?

Highly self aware, and feel like you are on the right path?

Empowered in your decision making?

Ready to step up into a leadership role in your local community & further afield?

… Then The Happiness Hunter Leadership Program is going to be right up your alley.


– you get to build exercise & maintaining your health & well-being into your weekly business routine

– an exclusive online business mastermind & network

– strategic & collaborative business opportunities

– being of service and shining the light on the path for others to follow


– you agree to host regular walks (minimum of 3 per month)

– actively participate in the online forum

– promote the community & network

– commit to the Leadership Program for 12 months at a time


The Happiness Hunter Leaders are change agents, who have the ability to inspire, guide & motivate members of the community.  They are leading by example.

It is a non-negotiable requirement that Leaders are doing the work that is required to be leading a fully happy, successful & abundant life.

If you are interested in hearing more, come on a walk and talk with one of the Leaders, contact us or call 1300 921 478..