If your measures of success became about the kind of person you wanted to be and the way you were living your life, and you gave yourself permission to be that person TODAY.

How would this change your life?

When you truly understood what was important to you.

What mattered to you.

When you OWNED YOUR AWESOME and stood up and backed yourself completely.

And then lived your whole life according to that.

How would that feel?

Imagine if you had clarity on your drivers, your passion, your priorities.

And you knew what your ideal future looks and more importantly feel like?

You understood what is (really) important to you?

The manner in which you would like to be living your life was clear and you “knew” what the right step to take was?

You had clearly defined values?  And you could articulate your personal philosophy on life?

Can you imagine how good that would feel and how simple it would make your life?

Imagine how much easier all of the other elements of your life would become.
coaching and mentorin with Fiona ReddingAs an holistic visionary, my gift is to get to the beating heart of your life purpose & business strategy, to help set your direction and map out the steps you need to take to get you there.

My intention is to empower you with the tools & mind-set shifts required to live an abundant, successful & happy life, with passion, joy and meaning.

This can also include creating & growing a vibrant & dynamic business (in the world of The Happiness Hunter these things are not mutually exclusive).

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Working one on one with Fiona Redding you will:

  • Be challenged on every level (in a really good way!) – we work QUICKLY, dig deep and help you uncover your most blocking blocks and the stories that are keeping you stuck.
  • Get crystal clear on your decision making framework (and learn how to tap into and listen to and trust yourself).
  • Embrace the idea of Life Integration and never think about work-life balance again.
  • Define what is important to you and what your priorities are in your life using The Seven Elements Framework.
  • Own your values, passion and strengths and identify how you can use your gifts more in your life everyday and how they can be infused into the DNA of your work and your business.
  • Learn the steps to move through any challenge or obstacle with good grace – remembering that happiness is to be found in the overcoming of obstacles and challenges in your life, not in the absence of them.
  • Learn how to get out of your own way, call yourself on the stories you are telling yourself and STOP the self sabotage.
  • Get clear on your next steps and feel confident about moving forward, knowing you are heading in the right direction.

01e30e1Fiona’s inspiration and enthusiasm for all she does is captivating. In her presence and after meeting with her I am always energised and ready to take on more.

Fiona’s authentic approach and deep understanding of business processes meant she could provide me with the structure and strategy needed to take my business to the next level. She uncovered ideas that I hadn’t yet thought of and ensured they were aligned with my business vision.

Working with her has been invaluable and I highly recommend Fiona, particularly for her authentic approach and professional knowledge.

– Karen Valekoulis, Connected Communications



Working with Fiona helped me become clear on what was most important in life and business and how to integrate this moving forward in a way that aligns with my values and vision. She is full of new ideas, and her authenticity and down to earth attitude is really refreshing.

After a strategy session with Fiona about a year ago, what has evolved since then has been nothing short of incredible.

I am about to launch my passion project, Sensual Seed Oracle Card Deck, and it wouldn’t have happened without the wonderful space Fiona has created.

– Christine Ford, Sensual Seed


I had been sitting on an idea for a new income stream for my business for some months and I had not been able to gain clarity on it. There was considerable risk in confusing my community and lead to a significant loss in sales.

Katrina McCarterOur conversation was like nothing I had had with any other business mentor or consultant. Fiona understood my predicament within minutes, we spoke extensively about the pros and cons and I walked away with my decision made – I would do it.

The results were significant. We immediately started attracting a new group of clients whom we never would have worked with previously and we increased our community engagement. Within six months this new income stream represents 30-50% of our monthly income.

Fiona was quick to understand the vision, identify opportunities and assist create the path forward.

Katrina McCarter, Bubbler


I contacted Fiona after returning to work in our own national business just 5 months after the birth of my second baby.

I was overwhelmed and felt like I wasn’t able to dig myself out of it. Suzanne Commerford

Fiona spent time in a one on one coaching capacity and whilst I initially thought much of the focus would be on work it was actually the process of sorting things at home that freed up the opportunity and space to make a plan to deal with the myriad of challenges at work.

In many ways it was always stuff I knew I had to do but it was the process of making a plan, getting it out of my head and having it available visually. In many ways she also gave me permission to put down the superwoman cape and admit – without any sense of defeat – that I couldn’t do it all.

What is really great about Fiona’s work was the simple follow up that helped to keep my on track. We’d break things down into a manageable to do list which I received almost straight after our meeting. She’d then check in with me in between meetings and the process of updating her helped me to keep focus on what was ultimately important.

But it was unlike a to do list I would have created for myself.

The space its created allowed me to deal with the stresses at work myself and has generated a calmer, more supported home life and a more creative vision for what my future will be.

Suzanne Commerford, She Builds


The support, energy, motivation, clarity, and inspiration I have received have all been priceless, and nothing short of transformational – both personally and professionally. Beverley Scheepers

– Beverley Scheepers, Home & Life Organising + The Pre-Parent Project


Last year, I needed clarity in my business, so I booked a session with Fiona Redding and gained so much insight. Mostly that I needed to work on the mindsets and conditioning which were causing blocks in my life and holding my back from living my true potential.

This year I took it one step further and enrolled in an 8 week Calm Abiding Meditation course. Developing daily practice of meditation and gratitude helped anchor even more clarity.

Then it happened.

A synchronistic ‘ah ha’ moment. During a meditation, Fiona’s mantra ‘The thing is never the thing’ clicked within my consciousness. And that’s when I joined The Happiness Hunter. I knew that the life-changing journey I was about to undertake through the Bootcamp was absolutely necessary for me to grow and develop my business.

I’m a third of the way through Bootcamp, and believe that the biggest lessons are awareness, acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude. Each of these elements enables you to live in the Now, which is a mandatory if you want to change habits, and change your life.

Unpacking years of conditioning can be quite an adventure, but if you are serious about changing all areas of your life (work, relationships, finances, vision, health & well-being) I say ‘do it’! You will be well supported; The Happiness Hunter Community is a lovely bunch of people to connect with.

I have also attended Fiona’s Life & Business Strategy Workshop. That was an amazing day of picking apart my Loren Bartleybusiness and life to gain clarity around the best way forward for me personally. Fiona has continued to support me in that journey since that event.

I believe so strongly in Fiona and the work she is doing to create a paradigm shift for business that we have now started collaborating together on other projects. I can’t wait to see where those opportunities take us in the future.

– Loren Bartley, Impactiv8

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