Life Coaching & Healing

Are You Ready To Transform Your Approach To Life?


Coaching provides a fresh perspective… and accountability


Do you feel like you have lost the joy and going through the motions in life?   

Our whole life experience is made up from the way we see the world, which is based on our childhood program and belief systems and the stories we continue to tell ourselves.

Having a coach is a great way to gain a new perspective on what is going on for you, and is a great way to get clarity, focus and to make a plan to get you where you want to go. 

Most importantly, having a coach will help you believe that you really can do it… and to then hold you accountable to actually doing it 🙂

We all need support and motivation and to have someone in our corner cheering us on.  Having a coach is one of the best investments to your success in life that you can make.

At The Happiness Hunter, we have a team of coaches teaching practical steps through our Happiness Hunter framework, providing ongoing support and accountability, and fostering an incredibly supportive community to help sustain your change.

Through The Happiness Hunter framework, you will:


  • Set a vision for your life that will inspire you every day
  • Create a rock solid, decision making framework
  • Determine priorities
  • Set prioritised goals
  • Make your plan to live a happy and balanced life
  • Understand the blocks and barriers you have to moving forward
  • Learn how to harness the power of your mind to create the life you want
  • Have accountability to achieve your goals


Please contact Fiona or call 1300 921 478 to find out how to get started.



Ajna™ Tibetan Healing 

Ajna™ Tibetan Healing is a powerful method of healing that enables the person being healed to transcend the physical.   It involves aura balancing, but goes far beyond to incorporate hands on healing and the use of acupressure on specific points of the body to stimulate the flow of energy and to release old and stale mental, emotional and physical blockages.  It is so powerful that it enables the person being healed to understand the origin of their pain.



I have known Fiona for many, many years. We went to the same school, travelled and lived overseas at the same time. Although our paths have differed to the outside world, we have both struggled and overcome some similar adversities. It kept us in contact but not as close as we once were.

Over the past number years, I have watched from a distance her transformation into the Happiness Hunter and, if I am honest, I was a little wary, a little unsure and most probably a little in awe as she morphed into this business mentor, public speaker and inspirational leader helping people and bringing a community of Happiness Hunters together. Nevertheless, it was later this year when I started to struggles with my own responsibilities, my busy work life, my beautiful and complicated family, when I reached out to Fi, just for a walk and a talk.

However, it quickly became so much more. She listened, she guided and she gave me plans to follow. It helped, my family, work colleagues and my friends saw and heard a difference in me. I felt calmer, I felt more in control, I felt…happier.

I want to recommend Fiona as a Happiness Hunter. I now have a path I want to follow, I have successes I want to achieve. I see them clearly and I know I can reach them. That’s powerful stuff! Fiona is helping me on that path, she keeps it real, she knows and calls out my “bullshit”, she sees me and she is helping me. Thank you my dear friend, I am very pleased to have you back in my life but most importantly, that you are helping me on my own Happiness Hunter journey.


I went to see Fiona Redding from The Happiness Hunter for a strategy session after months of intense frustration with myself. I was anxious and concerned that I might not get the breakthrough and insight I needed as I had been stalled right on the edge of launching a product and I could not work out why. Not only did Fiona break this down so I could put it on hold peacefully but she gave me the momentum and ideas for another whole raft of products that felt completely right and with the potential for me to make a much greater impact for far more people. I left feeling more energetic, excited and committed to my business than ever before. You are not investing in a strategy session you are investing in a breakthrough for you. I highly recommend seeing Fiona if you have stalled in your business momentum. 


Fiona is such an inspiration! We originally met last year on one of her meditation retreats which helped me immensely on my own personal healing journey. Then Fiona consulted with me in a Clarity & Strategy session for my business recently & she was such a wealth of knowledge. I am so grateful to have met her & highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to change their life for the better.

Darrielle Harris

I met Fi at a point when I was questioning why I wasn’t happier in my life.  Everyone around me always seemed to be happier than me, It was like i was living under a cloud.   Nothing specifically was wrong, I was just not happy.

I joined Fiona without really knowing how she would help me.  I knew something had to change but didn’t know what, or how.

Since working with Fiona I have found my smile again.  Not just my smile, but I stress less and I enjoy moments in life more.  She has shown me how to appreciate the little things and enjoy them. I have let go of wanting things to go the way I want, and I am getting better at accepting real life with a smile.

My husband loves Fiona, ( he has not met her yet )  he keeps telling me how glad he is that I started working with her.  That I have become much more fun to be around and we laugh more.