The Happiness Hunter’s Guide to Meditation


The Happiness Hunter’s Guide to Meditation is a simple and highly effective introduction to the powerful practice of meditation.

Fiona shares with you an insight into her journey of shifting from a place of deep unhappiness and problematic drinking to where she is today, and how a daily practice of meditation played a key role in her transformation.

In this book, Fiona has provided the exact tools, resources and guides that helped bring calm and clarity to her thoughts, and created a solid foundation of acceptance, self-belief and confidence.

In this book we cover:

  • What is meditation
  • The myths & truths of meditation (and what you really need to know)
  • The benefits of meditation
  • The different types of meditation
  • How to meditate for abundance, calm, love, sleep and any other of your heart’s desires
  • 8 x guided meditation scripts


  • How to develop your own meditation practice

Includes postage within Australia




Includes postage within Australia


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If there was only one thing you can do to make a significant impact or change or improvement in your life (whether it be in love, money or health)… make that one thing a daily meditation practice.


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