The Healing Business

Do you feel like your purpose in life is to help others heal?

Are you ready to give it a serious go and learn how to make a decent living from sharing your gifts with the world?


Maybe you are just starting out on your healing journey and wondering how to make it into a viable business.

Or perhaps you are already working in your healing practice, but feeling a little lost, demotivated and burnt out?

Are you sick of not being paid properly for your healing work?

It's highly likely that you feel a conflict about how you can combine your love of healing, helping and serving others and making (good) money at the same time.

I'm here to tell you right now that it is totally possible for you to have it all, and I am going to teach you how.

You have no idea what you should be charging and the thought of talking about money with your clients - let alone feeling comfortable with them actually PAYING you for your services - well you would rather chew off your own arm than have THAT conversation.

(but I feel bad charging money for something that comes so naturally to me... sound familiar?)

Do you have difficult finding new clients?  Working out how much to charge?  Telling them how much you charge?

And asking for the sale.

Enough said there.

The Happines Hunter - Coaching & Mentoring

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Fiona Redding and I am a healer.

I am also an entrepreneur, business strategist, life coach, podcaster, mum and student of Grand Master Dr Issam Kadamani at the International College of Meditation & Healing.

And I am here to help YOU.

I am going to teach you everything you need to know to create and grow a successful, sustainable and profitable healing practice.

And I will be here - alongside a whole other network of healers - to support you as you grow personally and build your business at the same time.

The further I am going along my own healing journey, the more deeply my own healing practices (Reiki, Ajna Tibetan Healing, metaphysics and meditation) are becoming integrated into my business, the more people I am helping and THE MORE MONEY I AM MAKING.

Last weekend I was at a healing course and speaking with some of the other students there, I realised that there was an absolute need for a program like this - to help healers like you who have no idea about business learn how to create a successful, sustainable and profitable healing practice.

To help healers who want to work in a one to one capacity with your clients.

To help healers who want to work face to face with your clients.

To help healers to feel confident and comfortable in knowing who your ideal client is and confident and comfortable in making good money doing the work you were put here on this earth to do.

So what do I mean by a successful healing practice?

A successful healing practice is one in which you feel joyful and a great sense of freedom in helping your fellow human beings to heal, and that provides the right environment for you to grow and thrive.

What do I mean by sustainable?

A sustainable healing practice is set up and structured in such a way to ensure that you are able to live a balanced, harmonious and integrated life, every day of your life with no stress and no burn out.

What do I mean by profitable?

 A profitable healing practice operates with an equal exchange of energy.  It easily and effortlessly allows the even, never-ending flow between the head of business and the heart of healing.

A profitable healing practice means that you get to make money doing work you love from people who value what you do - to give you the financial means to live a comfortable life, and to give back into the energetic flow of life.

Are you ready to give it a serious go and learn how to make a decent living from sharing your gifts with the world?


What is The Healing Business?

 The Healing Business is an online program that includes training, resources and a network of other healers in business, that will step you through every element of creating and growing a successful, sustainable and profitable healing practice.

Targeted specifically for healing practitioners this program will teach you only what you actually need to know, providing all of the relevant information in a structured and simple way.

With access to a membership portal with checklists, videos, templates, webinars and a closed & moderated Facebook group, you will have all the support and tools you need to understand everything required to create and grow your healing practice - and if you don't understand anything or have other questions, you can post in the Facebook group - with a response generally within 24 hours.

 Over 4 weekly webinars, we will walk you through the entire process of creating and growing your successful, sustainable and profitable healing practice.

You will be shown exactly how to make the most out to all of the information and resources available within the program, to then implement at your own time and pace.

  • Creating Your Vision - why are you in business & what do you want to achieve?
  • Business Structure & Set-up - everything you need to know to build, manage and run the right business for you
  • Developing Your Business Idea - branding, delivery model, physical set up requirements, ideal client
  • Products and Services - what you are selling and how to package it
  • Promoting & Marketing Your Business - marketing, social media, blogging, networking, advertising, PR
  • Pricing & Sales - how much to charge and how to sell to people who value what you are selling
  • Mind-set & Limiting Beliefs - understand what is holding you back and how to overcome the blocks and barriers
  • Templates and Links to Other Resources - all of the templates you will need and links to other useful resources
  • Ongoing Support For All of Your Burning Questions - lifetime access to a dedicated support forum

Including lifetime access to all of the checklists, videos, templates, webinars and Facebook group you will be able to get answers to all of your questions.


Questions or comments?  Please get in touch here.