Visioning Weekend Workshop

The Happiness Hunter Retreat - Fiona Redding

The Visioning Weekend Workshop is about helping you gain clarity on your vision and values for your life.  You will bring this vision down to practical and implementable goals, and we will cover time management and planning.  We will also help you understand where your blocks are with achieving your goals and how to overcome them.  You will also create a vision board for your life.

Included in the two days:

  • 2 full days and 1 night shared (bunk) accommodation in a beautiful tranquil setting with mountain views
  • Home cooked nourishing meals all provided (please advise of any dietary requirements)
  • Guided Meditation
  • Ajna Tibetan Healing™
  • Nature walking
  • Facilitated visioning & planning exercises
  • Materials for vision boarding


The date for the next Visioning Weekend Workshop for 2019 will be advised.  Please register your interest so that you are the first to know!


Arthurs Creek, Victoria 3099.

The exact address of the retreat will be provided prior to the event, due the retreat being held on a private property.


$850 per person

Firstly thank you for putting on a wonderful weekend.  I realise that this was the first time that you’ve run this version of your retreats, but it was well planned and thought out but also such a comfortable and relaxed weekend.  It was as though you’ve been running it for years.

I think the venue is perfect for the type of event and atmosphere that you want to create.  The big comfy couches, the communal kitchen, the healing space and the bunk accommodation makes for a real community-type feel.

After going in with no expectations, I can tell you that all of them were met!  🙂  It was at times, confronting, thought provoking and energising.  And we left with the goals and tools to attack the “real world” when it confronts us on Monday.

It was great doing it together with my wife.  I think the format lends itself well to couples and I’m convinced that they can only come out the other side better as a partnership.  I’m so glad that she invited me.

Thanks again for a great weekend.


Fi is a brilliant facilitator and made the visioning weekend a wonderful worthwhile experience.  I really liked recapping the fundamentals, the relaxed and productive bubble that we spent the weekend in.  It is such a nurturing, relaxing perfect space.  The countryside around and the food.


Importance for me this weekend was to spend quality time with my wife and like minded people.  This was a must weekend if you are serious is understanding what matters to you.  By defining your values and ensuring your goals align with the person you want to become.


The visioning weekend was the most effective two days of my life in regards to identifying where the gaps are in regards to me failing to reach and work towards where I need to be and what is in my life.  By identifying the gaps, I can clearly see what was missing and why.  Which then gave me a better understanding of how it all fits together.  I couldn’t see the simplicity, but it now makes total sense to me.  I am very clear on what and how I need to do, and why I need to do it in a certain way.  I get it now, finally!  I loved the format and how it flowed with an innate structure to it, that allowed people to express issues and have them worked through and challenged by you.  I liked having the couples here too.  Great to have the time to be yourself too and be given time on the planning and scheduling.  I am so much better and excited and feel great.  I get it. 


Thank you Fi for a wonderful weekend of goal setting and vision planning for my husband and I.  Sharing visions with my husband is empowering and will enable us to live a more fulfilling life.  I feel much more in control and organised, and at peace knowing things can and will get done.  Connecting with a group of totally individual people with a shared interest in their future was so rewarding.  Beautiful people with beautiful souls.


Five stars! The Happiness Hunter Visioning workshop has helped me clearly map out my vision and success goals for my future success.  I have also realised how crucial structure and time management is to a successful outcome.  Too often we complicate life when it really doesn’t have to be. Creating a decision making framework and vision board with achievable goals has allowed me to develop a clear strategy to work towards them.  Fiona is effective at addressing the underlying cause of why we think the way we do and a source of effective action we can take to ensure happiness in our lives.