Black Rock Walk & Talk

Every Friday
9:30AM – 11:30AM

44A Red Bluff Street, Black Rock VIC 3193

We meet at 44a Red Bluff Street Black Rock. Please try and arrive a couple of minutes before 9.30am, so we can head off on time.

The Happiness Hunter Walk & Talks are designed for business owners and include a 40-minute walk along the beach, facilitated discussion and guided meditation with tea/coffee.  These sessions will help you prioritise your wellbeing, challenge your mindset and support new ways of thinking, keep you accountable and connect you with a community of other business owners. 

It’s a great way to kick off your day, connect with others on a much deeper level, move your body, still your mind, have weekly accountability and support, to learn from others and to be challenged on your beliefs and points of view.

Bookings are essential, just so we know to expect you.

And we walk rain, hail or shine – so see you there!



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