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Our free community walks are a positive and uplifting space for you to connect with other people who want the best for you and the best for their own lives.

Life Success Coaching & Healing

Life Success Coaching and Healing.
Clarity + Mindset + Healing + Inspired Action + Belief = Empowered Transformation

The Happiness Hunter Bootcamp

Get clarity for who you want to be in your life, how you want to be in your life, create a rock solid decision making framework and learn the tools, strategies and mindset shifts to start living that life today.


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Corporate Wellbeing Programs

Since 2013, The Happiness Hunter has been helping organisations, entrepreneurs and individuals shift their mindset to live in a way that helps them realise and live the vision for their lives.

Keynote Speaking

Highly entertaining, Fiona will turn the idea of work-life balance on its head, inspiring you to instead think about your life holistically and in its entirety.

Latest Posts

World Mental Health Day

Like a lot of us, I've had my struggles over the years, but it feels like I'm finding the way through and I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the ways that I have learned - and am continuing to learn - to live the great gift that is my life as well and as...

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The magic of decluttering

"I release that which is no longer serving me, with love and deep gratitude" Decluttering like a mofo over the last few years has changed my life extraordinarily in the most wonderful of ways.  I've become really good at letting stuff go, and there have been some...

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What does coming full circle mean for you?

What do you define as a full circle moment and what or when was the last one you had? A few months ago, I did a bee keeping course to learn how to keep bees.  (and yes, that is just as cool as it sounds).  At this course I sat next to a woman who looked extremely...

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Fiona Redding

Fiona Redding

I’m a life success coach & business strategist, speaker and co-host of #BusinessAddicts The Podcast (if you have read this far and haven’t checked out the podcast yet, then please do – as well as learning heaps of good stuff for your business, you can get to know me a little better there too).

As an holistic visionary, my gift is to get to the beating heart of your life purpose & business strategy, to help set your direction and map out the steps you need to take to get you there, whilst empowering you with the tools & mind-set shifts required to live an abundant, successful and happy life with passion, joy and meaning.


The Podcast

The #BusinessAddicts podcast is a collaboration between Loren Bartley from Impactiv8 and Fiona Redding from The Happiness Hunter.

Together, we are the #BusinessAddicts.

Our podcast is for anyone that is addicted to business. We aim to help you as a fellow Business Addict build a business that supports a life that you love, rather than a business that controls your life!

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Learn the simple steps for transformation that you can apply to any area of your life and be fully supported in the process of change.