One to one Mindset Coaching@2x

With deep insight and a direct approach, together we will simplify, streamline and systemise everything in your life and business to fulfil your vision for success.

It’s targeted, tailored, personalised support.

Our sessions involve strategic, wide-ranging yet laser focused conversations that will increase your self-awareness and give you a very clear pathway forward.

You will be guided to look within, to know what you want and be supported in your quest to make it happen, guaranteeing a result and creating a tangible outcome for you.

Perfect for you if you want to start taking the right action consistently (rather than not being able to move because you don’t know where to go, thinking about it, or going around in circles), achieving sustainable results; improving your wellbeing, creating more money, more freedom, more choice.

Ready to create change, to get clear on your direction and get off the hamster wheel, no longer living a life that isn’t quite what you imagined it would be?

Wanting to feel less stressed, more engaged with life and your relationships, calm, balanced, focused, creative and productive. Maybe… even…dare we say it… happier?

You will identify (and we will challenge) the limiting beliefs that show up around what is possible for you.

Gaining a clearer focus and a renewed sense of confidence
(that you may not have felt for quite some time).

Removing overwhelm, self-doubt and second guessing as to your next step.

You’ll gain momentum through incremental improvements and gains, stacking your results and wins.

You’ll build credibility with yourself; with every achievement a promise you kept to you.

No more getting stuck in doubt and overwhelm and overthinking.

This is about getting you into the field of play.

Your results are what improve your confidence.

How it works:

The Breakthrough Experience

We will have an initial session to lay it all on the table, get clarity on your outcomes and create an overarching plan. This session will open your mind to the possibilities; you will feel energised, excited and highly motivated. It’s a fun and expansive process and this session alone will get you moving more than you ever have before.

Mentoring and Accountability

Weekly one hour 1:1 sessions to check in with your progress, course-correct and work through the practical challenges, mindset and emotional blocks. You will be blown away every week by what is uncovered and overcome.

The program includes messenger access to me in between sessions for any additional support and to help guide you through the blocks that show up (because you will be moving, and they are going to show up – and we will keep you moving)

The Breakthrough Experience: A Strategy for Life – $1500

3 or 6 months of tailored, targeted, personalised support – from $5000


Teresa Fox
Late last year I was deliberating about my next steps moving forward in my new business and was considering engaging a coach. The universe kept putting Fiona in my path.
I decided to work with Fiona for one-to-one coaching as her inspirational posts and podcast resonated with me and her approach to coaching aligned with my values.
I loved Fiona’s honesty, integrity and straight to the point approach. Her lived experience and wealth of knowledge ignited passion for change within myself.
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I was attracted to coaching to explore my path moving forward as I have always been a healer and I am looking to expand this in a new direction.
Fiona supported me to create a vision for my business moving forward, holding me accountable and supporting me in creating achievable goals moving forward.
Fiona was always accessible and supported me to step out of my comfort zone and into the discomfort where change happens.
Fiona’s approach to coaching was energising and I now incorporate her “just get up and do it” attitude each and every morning which has provided me with ongoing daily clarity and direction. I have now embarked on early morning ocean swims. Something I never dreamed I would look forward to each morning.
I have learnt life changing transformational tools and I am looking forward to continuing a coaching relationship with Fiona.
I now surround myself with people who inspire me and I am excited for the next chapter in my journey.
I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone who is ready to create new possibilities in their life whether through Fiona’s one on one coaching or one of her amazing courses.
Thank you, Fiona, for one of the most challenging, exciting, inspirational and life changing experiences I have had. I look forward to continuing our coaching journey.

Annie Volkering,
Executive Director

Working with Fiona for almost 12 months has changed my life both professionally and personally . I am now better equipped to deal with the challenges my demanding role places on me and the challenges of living and working through a pandemic. Like many people my resilience has been tested and thanks to Fiona’s outcomes focussed approach to coaching and mind set training I feel better equipped to manage whatever is sent my way.

Things that I thought were impossible to achieve I have now done, including buying a new house in the country.

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Times when I have felt overwhelmed I have, with Fiona’s help, been able to reframe and refocus on the things that are in my control.
Through the Steps for Change and Next Level programs Fiona offers I now have deep understanding of the daily practices that keep me (and many others) in the positive and constructive mind set needed to achieve all that I want and have to. I have practical strategies that I apply both in my professional and personal life.
I have completed many leadership development programs and had Executive Coaches over my extensive Executive career and Fiona’s programs and coaching stand out as some of the best, with enduring benefits and tangible outcomes.
What Fiona says she can deliver she does in spades and then some.
I am so grateful for all that I have and continue to learn from Fiona Redding

Vicki Woodcock-Barr,
Customer Success Lead

I have known Fiona for many, many years. We went to the same school, travelled and lived overseas at the same time. Although our paths have differed to the outside world, we have both struggled and overcome some similar adversities. It kept us in contact but not as close as we once were.

Over the past number years, I have watched from a distance her transformation into the Happiness Hunter and, if I am honest, I was a little wary, a little unsure and most probably a little in awe as she morphed into this business mentor, public speaker and inspirational leader helping people and bringing a community of Happiness Hunters together.

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Nevertheless, it was later this year when I started to struggles with my own responsibilities, my busy work life, my beautiful and complicated family, when I reached out to Fi, just for a walk and a talk However, it quickly became so much more. She listened, she guided and she gave me plans to follow. It helped, my family, work colleagues and my friends saw and heard a difference in me. I felt calmer, I felt more in control, I felt…happier.

I want to recommend Fiona as a Happiness Hunter. I now have a path I want to follow, I have successes I want to achieve. I see them clearly and I know I can reach them. That’s powerful stuff! Fiona is helping me on that path, she keeps it real, she knows and calls out my “bullshit”, she sees me and she is helping me.

Thank you my dear friend, I am very pleased to have you back in my life but most importantly, that you are helping me on my own Happiness Hunter journey.

Suzanne Commerford,
Managing Director

I contacted Fiona after returning to work in our own national business just 5 months after the birth of my second baby.
I was overwhelmed and felt like I wasn’t able to dig myself out of it.
Fiona spent time in a one on one coaching capacity and whilst I initially thought much of the focus would be on work it was actually the process of sorting things at home that freed up the opportunity and space to make a plan to deal with the myriad of challenges at work.

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In many ways it was always stuff I knew I had to do but it was the process of making a plan, getting it out of my head and having it available visually. In many ways she also gave me permission to put down the superwoman cape and admit – without any sense of defeat – that I couldn’t do it all.

What is really great about Fiona’s work was the simple follow up that helped to keep my on track. We’d break things down into a manageable to do list which I received almost straight after our meeting. She’d then check in with me in between meetings and the process of updating her helped me to keep focus on what was ultimately important.

But it was unlike a to do list I would have created for myself.

The space its created allowed me to deal with the stresses at work myself and has generated a calmer, more supported home life and a more creative vision for what my future will be.