The Happiness Hunter story

A word from our Founder, Fiona Redding:
Fiona Redding - Founder of The Happiness Hunter

Nearly seven years ago nothing was working in any area of my life. I was at home with two tiny kids, drinking everyday, unfit and unhealthy. We had issues with our finances and I was unable to get to work. I woke up one morning thinking,

“How has this become my life?”

I was so deeply unhappy and at that point, I did not know the way out. I knew that it was time to look inside of myself to find out how I had gotten here. I had to own it, to take responsibility, and if I wanted things to change, than it was me that had to change.

I decided to focus on one thing, happiness.  I just wanted happiness for my life.

The seed of The Happiness Hunter was planted. I started my own coaching and consulting business, stopped drinking, and left what had become for both my partner and I, a very unhappy relationship.  

I set a grand vision for my life.  I was crystal clear on the person I wanted to be and the direction I wanted my life to take. I decided to get out of my own way and I want to help you get out of yours.

Helping people navigate life and transform their approach to business is my passion and is at the core of the work of The Happiness Hunter.

We help our clients and community in three main ways:

1 – enhancing mindset
2 – prioritising wellbeing 
3 – creating connection and building community

Our vision: creating a world where everyone understands that happiness is their birthright.

Our mission: to show you how.


The Happiness Hunter Focus:


We help business owners and business leaders navigate life and transform their approach to business. 

Our services include mindset coaching and healing services, workshops, retreats, keynote presentations and consulting & facilitation – with a focus on life integration instead of work life balance.

The Happiness Hunter also organises Walks and Talks for business owners throughout Australia in an effort to increase happiness, success & wellbeing through human connection.  These sessions are facilitated by our team of Happiness Hunter coaches.

~Mindset coaching 

~ Life Transformation Bootcamp (3 months online)

~ Walks and Talks

~ Workshops and Retreats

~ Keynote presentations 

~ Consulting & facilitation 



Life Integration versus Work Life Balance

The Happiness Hunter - Life Integration Framework

Successful life integration is achieved when we are clear on our vision for the whole of our life: for who we want to be, how we want to be living it and what we want the experience of our life to be like. 

Rather than work-life balance, at The Happiness Hunter, our philosophy is about Life Integration, which is the process of seamlessly integrating wellbeing into every element of your life. Your work is not separate to your life: your work is part of the living whole of your life.

For a happier workplace, book Fiona to speak at your next event.

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“I first worked with Fiona through setting up the strategic planning for the Not For Profit I am secretary for – Support For Mums & their families. I was very impressed at not only the level of skill and ability to see the big picture, but how it all connected to help us make the day to day decisions that were right for SFM’s and the overall vision. I immediately asked Fiona to work her magic in my own business – mishfit franchise pty ltd and since then we have devised mishfit biz club – where we help the mishfit franchisees take their business to the next level. None of this would have been possible, if I had not met Fiona, and seen her passion, vision and positivity at work. I can not recommend her skills highly enough.”

– Michelle Wright, Founder & CEO, mishfit franchising pty ltd

“Fiona has been instrumental in growing my business, offering sound advice that is delivered with Nikola Ellis Adore Yogaintegrity and compassion. Trustworthy and astute, Fiona has a knack of getting to the heart of the issue and bringing clarity to business decisions. I would highly recommend Fiona as a business coach/consultant who delivers consistent results in a friendly, practical way.”

Business with Vivacity and Adore Yoga featured in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age online 8th July 2013

– Nik Ellis, Director, Adore Yoga

“Fiona facilitated an initial strategic planning session with the Stake holders witn our business Hire for Baby. The process she undertook included a review of existing documents and any relevant information. During this process she facilitated a process to ensure Hire for Baby had clarity (and agreement!) on the following: – mid – long term high level and holistic vision for Hire for Baby – map out all of the goals and activities to be done over the next 2 years – prioiritise, cost and determine internal or external delivery (to determine a rough implentation plan and budget) – change management approach for the new system Since our session with the stakeholders we have been able to commit to our goals and implement changes required and this has had a positive impact on our business in both commercial and strategic thinking perspective. Highly recommended and will continue to engage her services.”

– Marianna Barba, Hire for Baby

“Thanks Fiona for all your help and support with my new business. There were a lot of challenges, changes and frustrations and you helped me get through them by offering sound advice, strategies and process recommendations. The initial 2 hour meeting was very valuable to ensure we were well suited and to formulate a good plan of attack. I would have no hesitation in continuing to work with you, and appreciate you taking a genuine interest in me, my business and doing so in such an approachable but professional manner.”

– Paul Friedman, Founder, Max Entertainment Pty Ltd

“We were delighted to have Fiona work with us to fine tune our processes and be guided by her expertise in assisting us to move forward. Fiona never lost sight of our not for profit community focus and guided us accordingly with new directions and ideas to ensure we remain competitive and sustainable. We would not hesitate to recommend Fiona to any prospective clients and will certainly use her services again in the future.”

– Jude Rangitaawa, House Co-ordinator, Moongala Neighbourhood House

“I have also attended Fiona’s Life & Business Strategy Workshop. That was an amazing day of picking apart my business and life to gain clarity around the best way forward for me personally. Fiona has continued to support me in that journey since that event. I believe so strongly in Fiona and the work she is doing to create a paradigm shift for business that we have now started collaborating together on other projects. I can’t wait to see where those opportunities take us in the future.”

– Loren Bartley, Impactiv8


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