Good Morning Sunshine

Set your day up for success, every day.

Good Morning Sunshine is designed to meet you where you are at, and to gently help you build a sustainable morning routine that works for you, and works for your life.

The foundational success practices taught in this four week (28 day) program are not complicated, but once mastered, will work to change your life in a very short space of time.

A lack of complete or consistent success practices is one of the biggest reasons why people do not achieve their goals, often attributed to the commonly accepted excuse - "I don't have enough time".


A successful day starts the night before, and in setting daily goals
and developing better habits, rituals and routines.

Setting yourself up for success is having the framework of foundational practices, rituals, routines, set thoughts and behavioural guidelines, all designed to guide you towards your goals.

What a solid daily routine and practice does is eliminate decision fatigue, mental clutter and second-guessing as to your next step. These are all the things that derail the best of intentions.

The best thing about having these foundational practices in place, is that the outcome is already declared as achieved. The framework is a reminder and guideline of who we show up as.

Think of it as your road map or GPS, telling you what to do and guiding you towards your destination.

Imagine saying goodbye to sludgy mornings, and chaotic, stressful starts to the day. Lying in bed in the morning and dreading the day ahead.

Developing your Framework for Success

Every week for four weeks (that's 28 days) you will be provided with an outline program for your daily practice.

This program is designed to help you go from a complete standing start (or possibly even a facing backwards or lying flat on your back start) to a sustainably embedded routine. Building incrementally over the four weeks, you will introduce into your life the key foundational practices of:


Setting daily goals




Drinking Water

Drinking water


An end of day reflection

By following this program, you will understand how to implement these core practices into your daily routine, and you will see how much of a difference they make.

Importantly, over the 28 day Good Morning Sunshine program you will be focusing on the game-changer that is Daily Tracking.

Consistency is key

The secret to creating new habits and routines is to be consistent. Consistency is what builds momentum. Momentum is what creates results. The results are what motivate you to keep going!

Tracking is not a once and done process; in fact if you look at any successful individual you will find that planned days and tracking is built into how they live.

Tracking is not just about improving, it is also an early warning system to help you course correct before things go too far off track.

Tracking removes the over thinking and eliminates the excuses. It has either happened, or it hasn’t. You have either done it, or you haven’t.

Drop by drop is the water pot filled.~ Buddha

Being clear about your daily goals and keeping a record of your activity towards them:

Motivates you. 
Keeps you accountable.
Helps you see your progress.
Allows you to course correct before you go too far off track.

The fastest way to create change in your life;

Get clear on what you want (set goals)

Make a plan to achieve them

Take daily action as required towards your goals

Be accountable

Based on your progress,
course correct

What you will receive in the Good Morning Sunshine program:

A four week (28 day) program, delivered weekly for four weeks.
A clear and simple framework to help you structure your mornings and your evenings.
A guide to beginning and implementing your very own self-directed meditation practice (with guided MP3 meditations to start you on your way).
The key questions to ask yourself at the start of every day.
Developing a gratitude practice.

How to incorporate more walking into your day.
End of day review prompts.
Becoming more intentional about your day through daily affirmations.
Master the art of journalling with thought provoking journal prompts.
PDF copies of The Happiness Hunter's Guide to Meditation, My Daily Tracker and the Journal.

It is time for you to take charge of your mornings and achieve success in your day.
You'll have lifetime access to the Good Morning Sunshine program (for the life of the program).

Book Bundle - Good Morning Sunshine program
it's just $197 for lifetime access


BONUS ONE: You will also receive copies* of Fiona's book - The Happiness Hunter's Guide to Meditation, as well as the soon to be released new publications - The Daily Tracker and The Happiness Hunter's Journal to support your journey.

*NB - Australian customers will receive hard copy versions of the included publications. International customers will receive PDF versions of the publications.

Hard copies will be made shipped to Australian addresses approximately end of June 2021 to all students who signed up PRIOR to 31st May 2021. For any student who signed up after this date, hard copies will be delivered after July 2021. You will kept informed as to estimated delivery date.

BONUS TWO: For the month of June 2021, there will be four live coaching and Q&A calls with Fiona Redding at 12pm AEST every Friday. These calls are accessible to all students of Good Morning Sunshine, and will be available as a replay recording in the Good Morning Sunshine portal.

BONUS THREE: Access to a library of guided meditations in the Good Morning Sunshine portal to support you on your meditation journey.

A community of support

You will also be able to connect with other Happiness Hunters in the Good Morning Sunshine program in the Morning Mindset & Motivation Facebook group, and join in (or start your own) Happiness Hunter walk.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
~ Rumi