Happiness Question (HQ)

The Happiness Question (HQ) is a basic tool designed to help you understand how you feel about where you are at across The Seven Elements of your life.


The HQ is based on The Seven Elements Framework, which focuses on Life Integration rather than work-life balance.


Everything you do is part of your life. Even work.

Life Integration is about seeking balance across all areas of your life – recognising that EVERYTHING is your life, and that everything you do is inextricably linked – understanding that when one or two (or three or four…) elements are out of whack it is going to have an impact on the other areas, and therefore the quality of your life.

It is about giving you permission to get clear on what a happy, healthy, abundant, successful, loving life means for you and giving you permission to truly start living that life today.

The Seven Elements


 Have a clear vision for what a successful life means for you,
 Have a clearly defined decision making framework,
 Have clarity on your goals,
 Understand your priorities and what is important,
 Take complete responsibility for your life and your mind-set,
 Know when things are out of balance within any element of your life or across the seven elements,
 Give yourself permission to do what is important to maintain and regain balance, and
 Accept that you are the only person who can change things.


The purpose of this activity is to help give you an overview on how well balanced you think or feel your life is at the moment – it is a baseline for where you are now. It is not a scientific test, nor are there any right or wrong answers.

It will simply shine a spotlight on what is going well and which elements you think or feel are not great and where there is room for improvement.

Happiness Quotient

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