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Enjoy 21 days of inspiring and motivational mindset coaching from Fiona Redding, founder of The Happiness Hunter.

Hello and welcome.

I’m Fiona Redding, a mindset coach and founder of The Happiness Hunter and my mission in life is to help you navigate life and transform your approach to business.

You deserve to be a happy person, living a happy life, and I am here to show you how.

To teach you how to turn the focus inwards, and to learn how to recognise the power that lives within you to change the way you see and experience the world.


Sometimes, life throws us a challenge, or we can get caught up in what we think is important, that we can forget what is truly important in life – like feeling good about ourselves, and our relationships and connections with those we love, and our ability to experience joy.

So… I’m here to teach you real, practical and implementable ways to enjoy the experience of your life, with whatever is going on for your right now, and with whatever is going on in the world right now.

At The Happiness Hunter, we believe that happiness is to be found in the overcoming of obstacles and challenges in our lives.

And we also know that sometimes, we all just need a little reminder and a gentle nudge in the right direction.


Over the next 21 days, I’m going to share with you 21 ways to shift your gaze.

That’s three weeks of life-changing ways to look at the world, which will help you transform your perception to a more positive outlook.

You will receive a daily email from me, with a link to a short video to help you implement the practical action into your daily life – starting right now.

In short, digestible, bite size portions (five minutes a day) you’ll be motivated and inspired to create some deep shifts in the way you think about and experience the world.

All you have to do is watch the video and take some time throughout the day to reflect on what the video was prompting you to think about.

It’s just $49 for 21 days of practical and implementable life changing mindset shifts, and a great way to begin your journey with The Happiness Hunter.

Fiona xxx

Learn how to Shift Your Gaze TODAY – it’s just $49


I needed to listen to this video an hour ago. The conversation or shouting match I had with my 6 year old may have panned out differently then. I need to put myself into their shoes, it’s week 9 of school, they are tired etc.

I am Teflon and need to let it slide.

Thank you for all the reminders, it has really opened my mind as a person and as a mum.

I’m going to go for a walk now and clear my head.

“Thank you Fiona. You have helped me and my family get through the toughest part of the lockdown and I marvel at what I have uncovered in just 3 mins each day. Looking forward to what’s next.”
“Fiona, “I am compassionate” has been drumming in my head all morning. Proud to say that I did something I’ve never done before, which also surprised hubby. Feeling loved and loving myself”.
“I reflected on our focus of forgiveness and my anger dissipated immediately! I was also grateful for what he was doing and compassionate towards myself for having strength in my own values. Good day all round!”.
“As I was giving myself a bit of a hard time for not having the same career and focus as I once had today, I stopped myself in my tracks, reminded myself that priorities have shifted in a meaningful way, that I can still continue to learn and grow, that mum/work balance is not perfect, and that there is plenty of time ahead”.
“I am feeling so grateful to be doing something so tangible and relevant to my current state of mind… in that never have I felt so ‘present’ with my surroundings yet not always so connected to ‘self’ (oftentimes it’s the thoughts and feelings of other family members here with me in isolation)!”.
“Loving them. Little slaps. Appreciate.”
“Love these as a way to crystallise my intention for the day”.
“Thanks Fiona. I enjoyed the affirmation but I also LOVED watching you…you radiate wellbeing and that is so inspiring for me.”
“Loving the emails and videos. I have learnt to watch them in the morning as well as my walk.”

“I wanted to let you know I love this one… JUST DO IT!

Particularly that you expressed your vulnerability about turning up, no makeup, early morning, doing what needs to be done, no ego & committed to the cause!

This was a big part of what first attracted me to your FB posts and absolutely kept me engaged.

Inspired that you turn up as you are. This gives me permission to do the same. My new motto… just come as you are! “

Learn how to Shift Your Gaze TODAY – it’s just $49