Transformation Stories

One of the biggest benefits I have found in joining the Happiness Hunter Bootcamp is the ongoing connection to a community committed to personal growth and supporting each other. Although when I joined I had already invested a lot of time and resources into my personal development, I knew my biggest challenge I had was to keep the momentum going in my everyday life. It can be very easy for me to slip back into my old ways and thinking patterns without connection to a growth mindset environment. The lessons taught in the Bootcamp give a solid base, structure and a powerful set of tools to overcome life’s challenges and to continue revisiting as a way of creating a happy and fulfilling life.

My personal growth is a continuous journey and each time I revisit the Bootcamp I find new ways I can improve my life and most importantly my relationships with others and that has made a big difference to both my personal and professional life.

I would highly recommend the Happiness Hunter Bootcamp to anyone who is wanting to make real and lasting change in their life. This isn’t just a course that you do and then go back to your old life with little change, it’s connection to a community who want the very best for you and will continue to support you on your journey through all life’s ups and downs so you can continue to be the very best version of you and create a life you truly love.


I have known Fiona for many, many years. We went to the same school, travelled and lived overseas at the same time. Although our paths have differed to the outside world, we have both struggled and overcome some similar adversities. It kept us in contact but not as close as we once were. Over the past number years, I have watched from a distance her transformation into the Happiness Hunter and, if I am honest, I was a little wary, a little unsure and most probably a little in awe as she morphed into this business mentor, public speaker and inspirational leader helping people and bringing a community of Happiness Hunters together.

Nevertheless, it was later this year when I started to struggles with my own responsibilities, my busy work life, my beautiful and complicated family, when I reached out to Fi, just for a walk and a talk However, it quickly became so much more. She listened, she guided and she gave me plans to follow. It helped, my family, work colleagues and my friends saw and heard a difference in me. I felt calmer, I felt more in control, I felt…happier. I want to recommend Fiona as a Happiness Hunter.

I now have a path I want to follow, I have successes I want to achieve. I see them clearly and I know I can reach them. That’s powerful stuff! Fiona is helping me on that path, she keeps it real, she knows and calls out my “bullshit”, she sees me and she is helping me. Thank you my dear friend, I am very pleased to have you back in my life but most importantly, that you are helping me on my own Happiness Hunter journey

Wendy Hodson

I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop for the Happiness Hunter several months ago. This progressed to participating in the Happiness Hunter Bootcamp. The three month course has provided me with a new outlook for a positive life and an arsenal of tools to create that life. I can’t thank Fiona enough for the changes I have seen in myself over this period. I’m really looking forward to continuing the journey. Thanks.


The Happiness Hunter Bootcamp provided a great framework for me to live ‘the best life possible’.

I didn’t have huge difficulties in life nor major obstacles to overcome, just a general feeling that life was short and that I wanted to make sure I was living it to the fullest. Through Fiona’s work, I think I’m on the way to this.

I’ve learnt to let go of things in the past, and concepts that I’d previously read about such as living in the moment and gratitude have become part of my makeup.

I would definitely recommend the bootcamp. She has an amazing way of teaching fundamental concepts that improve peoples lives.


Fiona Webster

After relocating my family and business back to Melbourne I was looking for a strategist/business coach who could help me map out my 90 plan to re-establish my business in Melbourne. After meeting several ‘suitable’ coaches I chose Fiona for inspired view on the world, her questions she asked that stretched me and challenged my thinking, and her take no prisoner but bring the village with you attitude. Boy, did she totally challenge me in ways i was really unprepared for but really needed. I left not with a 90 day business plan, but a whole new way to live my life, in an integrated way, one that worked for every component of my world. No more winning in business at the expense of the family, this plan actually went deep and whole. Can I just say for someone who was looking for a ‘business plan’ on a page, I got so much more … and 3 months on haven’t been happier (oh, and the business is going great, with 10 times less energy!) Thanks Fiona… you rock my world!