Code of Conduct

The Happiness Hunter walks are an uplifting and positive space for connection & well-being.

We are an inclusive and diverse community of people who want the best for each other and the best for our own lives.

The intention of the walks is for everyone who attends to leave a better person than when they arrived.

We have introduced a Code of Conduct to ensure that EVERYONE who attends has a positive experience.

The Happiness Hunter Code of Conduct:

1. Be kind to each other – kindness is contagious

2. Ask how you can support each other – a core value of The Happiness Hunter is reciprocity

3. Don’t let people get stuck in their stories

4. Call people on negative mindsets

5. We offer a constructive, supportive, solution focused environment to help shift perspectives

6. Take 100% responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, actions & behaviour

7. The walks are a place to be aware and in the present moment

8. Whilst any collection of people is a network, this is not a space to spruik your wares – there are many other networking opportunities for that

9. This isn’t about business it’s about YOU, exercise & connection in a positive & uplifting environment

10. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in a request for you to no longer attend the walks

Ready to come walking?