The Happiness Hunter Retreat



A nurturing weekend to help you unlock your potential and step into the life you are here to live.

Come along to two completely transformational days.

Become more aware of yourself, reflect on how you see the world and how you relate to others, and gain some fresh insights into how to overcome your obstacles and challenges to live a happier life.

Reflect on where you are now, discover where you want to go and understand how you will get there.

You will:

  • Gain greater self-awareness, self-acceptance and understanding of yourself and others
  • Understand the stories and themes that are keeping you stuck
  • Learn a practical framework and the tools to work through your challenges and obstacles
  • Experience an incredibly nurturing weekend of connection, including meditation and breathing exercises, Ajna Tibetan healing and walking
  • Be guided, loved and supported as you move through the weekend (and beyond)

Experience deep, authentic and heart led connection in a safe, supportive and nurturing space.

Fiona will help you to tap into and dig a little deeper to find the answer that you have been waiting for all along.

Not only self reflection through your own workshop, but layers of learning from everyone's workshop.

At the end of the weekend, you will head home with:

  • A plan of action
  • Appreciation for what you have
  • Excitement and anticipation for what is coming next

About Fiona Redding:

Fiona Redding is the founder of The Happiness Hunter, creator of The Steps for Change program, host of The Happiness Hunter podcast, co-host of the highly acclaimed Business Addicts podcast, author of The Happiness Hunter’s Guide to Meditation and It Is Possible: Radical Transformation Through The Power Of Belief (release date early 2021).

BONUS WORKSHOP: Introduction to the Enneagram


Plus this retreat will include an invaluable, powerful workshop presented by Grandmaster Issam Kadamani to explore your personality type and your patterns of thinking and feeling. 

The Enneagram is ancient knowledge which originally has been taught in the Mystery Schools. It gives us a powerful understanding of ourselves and others by showing us our habits and thinking with the study of nine key personality types. 


  1. Perfectionist
  2. Helper
  3. Motivator
  4. Artist
  5. Thinker
  6. Loyalist
  7. Generalist
  8. Boss
  9. Peacemaker

You will:

  • Gain an understanding of key personality traits, motivations and fears
  • Find the core to your triggers in your friendships, relationships and your workplace
  • Learn how to “integrate” to lead a dynamic, mentally and emotionally adaptable life

About Grandmaster Issam Kadamani:

Grandmaster Issam Kadamani is the Principal at The International College of Meditation & Healing. His focus is to empower you so that you can live your life to the fullest, with unconditional love and joy. For the last 35 years Grandmaster Issam has taught around the world, and is now based in Melbourne teaching courses and providing transformational healing, coaching and spiritual mentoring to people who are looking to learn a happier way of living.

Grandmaster Issam Kadamani

What some of our recent participants have said about our retreats:

I travelled from a different country and put myself completely outside of my comfort zone with people I didn’t even know. I have come away with a beautiful memory, faced some challenging truths and can’t wait to implement the next chapter in my life. I can’t thank Fiona and the rest of The Happiness Hunters enough for their support and non-judgement throughout this Retreat, even though my unhappiness, however big for me, seems so insignificant in the scheme of life. 


New Zealand

The Happiness Hunter Retreat is an amazing experience of connection, growth and nourishment of the mind, body and soul. I love the community that Fiona creates for everyone to feel fully connected and supported to overcome their challenges and move forward in life. For me the connection is what is most important and the Retreat really reinforced to me that it is safe to be vulnerable within a group who really just want the best for me and each other.


Adelaide, South Australia

The weekend was very powerful. There were many tears, shared pain and much laughter. I have learned so much, I’m sure I am a better person and I have been enriched by our shared experiences this weekend. I’m so grateful for everyone’s honesty and openness. If you are feeling stuck, unhappy in any aspect of your life (you may not even know you are!), this weekend can change your life. I now feel confident that I can move forward in my desire to create a life I love.


Melbourne, Victoria

Thank you for such a heart and soul nourishing weekend. My discomfort from being out of my comfort zone was quickly put at ease with the incredibly supportive space you provided. Your insight and intelligence in facilitating us to get to the heart of cracking open the issue for each of us is transforming in the truest sense. Your approach is authentic, heart led and deeply inspiring. It’s the real deal and I can wholeheartedly highly recommend you, the Retreat, The Happiness Hunter to anyone wanting to live a full, happy and meaningful life. The teachings from all of the guest speakers and Dr Issam was leading edge and provided a richness to our learnings. Loved the location, the people attending and the fabulous chance to come along.


Western Australia

Experience the magic of connection at the next
Happiness Hunter Retreat.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil hills of Victoria
on a private property with amazing sunsets and mountain views.

Date: 2021 Dates coming soon...

Location: Arthurs Creek, Victoria 3099.

The exact address of the retreat will be provided prior to the event, due the retreat being held on a private property.