The Happiness Hunter Retreat is a dynamic, yet safe and nurturing space to help you unlock your potential and step into the life you are here to live.

You Deserve to be a Happy Person, Living a Happy Life.

Are You Ready

… for a life more than what you are currently living?

… to gain some massive awareness and uncover and overcome your blocks to moving forward?

Do You Feel

…lonely, lost, isolated or unhappy?

…like you are here for a bigger purpose but you don’t know what it is?

…like something is missing?

Are You Searching

…for answers, guidance & support?

Then look no further, because we have got your back.

We will help you shift your whole life perspective and discover how to experience life in a completely new and empowered way.

The Happiness Hunter Retreat - Fiona Redding

In two completely transformational (& fun) days, you will experience many moments of light-bulb clarity as you work through your stuff and help others work through theirs too.

We will help you identify the stories you are telling yourself, discover your best steps forward and start to open up to the opportunities and power that are yours.

  • Helping you gain greater self-awareness, self-acceptance & understanding (of yourself and others)
  • Helping you understand the stories (and themes) that are keeping you stuck
  • Giving you a practical framework & the tools to work through your stuff
  • Self nurturing, including meditation & breathing exercises, Ajna Tibetan/Reiki healing & walking
  • Guiding, loving & supporting you through this shift
  • Sending you back home with a plan of action, full of appreciation for what you have, and excited anticipation for what is coming next

Included in the two days:

  • 2 full days and 1 night shared (bunk) accommodation in a beautiful tranquil setting with mountain views
  • Home cooked nourishing meals all provided (please advise of any dietary requirements)
  • Meditation
  • Ajna Tibetan/Reiki Healing
  • Walking
  • Individual work-shopping with Fiona Redding (in a group setting)


The next Happiness Hunter Retreat is on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th May 2019.  Please note that places are strictly limited to 8 participants and these retreats do sell out.


Arthurs Creek, Victoria 3099.

The exact address of the retreat will be provided prior to the event, due the retreat being held on a private property.


$850 per person

We focus on helping you gain you self-awareness, support, healing and the tools to create deep shifts in your life.


What some of our recent participants have said about our retreats:

I travelled from a different country and put myself completely outside of my comfort zone with people I don’t even know and have come away with a beautiful memory, faced some challenging truths and can’t wait to implement the next chapter in my life. I can’t thank Fiona and the rest of The Happiness Hunters enough for their support and non-judgement throughout this Retreat, even though my unhappiness, however big for me, seems so insignificant in the scheme of life. Thank you

Katrina, NZ

The workshops felt very safe, and the open style was a good way to build connections and create openness, and provided opportunities for self reflection through my own workshop and others. Great facilitation by Fi and valuable input from Linda and other retreatees.


The Happiness Hunter Retreat provided me with the physical and mental space to address how I feel in my every day. Like a pause button, to stop the busy, so that I could see the good and deal with the bad.

HW – Melbourne

Not knowing entirely what I was coming to, I left feeling as though it was exactly what I needed! Such a supportive and caring environment Fiona and Em know just how to tap into and dig a little deeper to find the answer that you had been waiting for all along.


Thank you for a wonderful weekend of discovery and self understanding. The food, the healing and the chance to reflect on everyone’s inner voice and fears made it a worthy experience. A great way to step out of your comfort zone in a safe environment.

Fleur – Melbourne

Thank you for such a heart and soul nourishing weekend. My discomfort from being out of my comfort zone was quickly put at ease with the incredibly supportive space you provided. Your insight and intelligence in facilitating us to get to the heart of cracking open the issue for each of us is transforming in the truest sense. Your approach is authentic, heart led and deeply inspiring. It’s the real deal and I can whole heartedly highly recommend you, the Retreat, The Happiness Hunter to anyone wanting to live a full, happy and meaningful life. The teachings from all of the guest speakers on NLP, EFT and Dr Issam was leading edge and provided a richness to our learnings. Loved the location, the people attending and the fabulous chance to come along. Thank you.

Kate, WA

The weekend was one of the most unique experience I’ve ever had. I felt that I learnt something from everyone’s workshopping, and that there were layers of lessons we all learned from one another. I really enjoyed being able to articulate the challenges I faced in the present moment, and appreciated the advice/solutions offered. Putting the advice into action when I arrived home is a journey, but I am seeing subtle results already


The Happiness Hunter Retreat is an amazing experience of connection, growth & nourishment of the mind, body & soul. I love the community that Fiona creates for everyone to feel fully connected and supported to overcome their challenges and move forward in life. For me the connection is what is most important and the Retreat really reinforced to me that it is safe to be vulnerable within a group who really just want the best for me and each other.

Toni – Adelaide, SA

It made me realise how much I have missed having a community with the same focus, intention and energy as myself


The Retreat exceeded my expectations. It was wonderful to take some time out, reflect on where I’ve been and map out where I want to go. It was pivotal in my life plan and I’m excited to be already executing this now!


Thank you so much for another enlightening retreat. I felt it went smoothly, there was structure yet also flexibility. You both held the space beautifully and I felt everyone was supported during workshopping which can be overwhelming!

“The food was also a huge positive, and eating in worked well after a big day. I know everyone appreciated the love and care Kerri put into preparing everything.


Included in the two day retreat:

  • Be “workshopped” by Fiona Redding based on the principles of The Happiness Hunter
  • Ajna Tibetan/Reiki Healing
  • Meditation
  • Walking
  • 2 full days & 1 nights Shared Accommodation (in a beautiful tranquil setting with mountain views)
  • All Meals made with love (all dietary requirements can be accommodated)
  • A structured and supportive environment where the space is held for you

Details for our next Retreat:


The date for the next Happiness Hunter Retreat is on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th May 2019.  Please note that places are strictly limited to 8 participants and these retreats do sell out.


Arthurs Creek, Victoria 3099.

The exact address of the retreat will be provided prior to the event, due the retreat being held on a private property.


$850 per person

Payment plans are available upon request, please contact us or call 1300 921 478 to discuss.

Any other questions? Please contact us here.

We focus on giving you self-awareness, healing and the tools to create deep shifts in your life.

During the weekend, I have listened to the stories of other participants and I identified myself with most of these stories. It was a very powerful and emotionally charged experience. I have understood that I need to love and accept myself and listen to my heart, in order to stop self sabotaging my actions i.e fitness goals etc. I recommend people coming to the Retreat to get clarity and directions with their vision and goals. Fiona is an amazing facilitator who highlighted changes that we need to make towards a HAPPY LIFE!

Katherine M

The weekend was very powerful. There were many tears, shared pain and much laughter. I have learned so much, I’m sure I am a better person and I have been enriched by our shared experiences this weekend. I’m so grateful for everyone’s honesty and openness. If you are feeling stuck, unhappy in any aspect of your life (you may not even know you are!), this weekend can change your life. I now feel confident that I can move forward in my desire to create a life I love.

Wendy H

I came to the weekend feeling lost and robotic – like I am playing at some life that is not really mine. I felt like I was trapped in a movie where the script was playing out was one that I hadn’t prepared. I know and take full responsibility now that the life I have is mine and I was the one that made all the decisions to get me to here in this moment in time. Whether the decisions were right or wrong does not matter, each decision I made was the right one at the time. The clarity achieved from one weekend in a safe and comfortable environment would have taken months of therapy to achieve if at all. I came to the Retreat feeling a bit lost and confused, but not really convinced I’d be able to get anything resolved in such a short space of time. The safe and comfortable space that is created among a group of relative strangers is amazing. Fiona’s ability to cut through the façade and narrow down to the core of an issue is incredible. I really felt the love and support from the other people there too. It’s not easy, but if you are not prepared to push the boundary, you are truly not able to grow.


After much self development courses and programs, it wasn’t until I could experience a human interaction and face to face teaching and support, that I could truly feel and understand the self reflection healing process and journey that is required to move positively forward in my life.


The weekend Retreat was fabulous and I am so glad I came.   Fi’s way of lovingly coaching and getting to the absolute nitty gritty of issues was evident throughout every session. I have much more clarity over “stuff” in my life. I would love friends of mine to do this course – will definitely recommend. Thank you!!! Personally, I got absolute articulation about what the gap in my life was.

Fiona W

I arrived not 100% sure what my problem was, but I knew it had something to do with how crazy, busy and full I had made my life be, but feeling happy and positive and that I was coping 100% – however while I did acknowledge that I was relying on alcohol, had barely any time for self care, I felt like I was doing awesome at life. Through the Retreat workshop process, I was able to unpack the “why” of “why” I was living such a manic, fast paced life, which to be honest was not paying off mentally, physically or emotionally. It became very clear that I was doing all of it for the wrong reasons and that it was all to do with feeling worthless and not worthy of self care which was also leading me to use all my busy-ness as an excuse to avoid a situation that have been going on for over 18 months unresolved, and also using my busyness as an excuse for neglecting myself. I am so much clearer and focused on what my “why” is now. The why is to do with me, caring for and putting myself first. I am very clear and confident and calm and focused now on what it is I need to now do to be living this simple, clearer and focused life that I will be able to sustain and key simple things that I had no idea about to live my best happiest life. I would recommend the Retreat as you learn, not only through Fi, the others but also yourself. Fiona has a gift in helping you to find out what “the thing” is that is holding your life back in one short session. Highly recommend and I will be back.

Kim E