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“Thanks for a brilliant read. The nudge I needed. So many key points to reflect on and bring together to action” – Anita

“Thank you for sharing your soul, personal journey, plus the knowledge and tools you have acquired, so openly, in a easy to read, succinctly worded book. I read it last night as I couldn’t put it down and will refer to in now regularly when required. From when we met 13 years ago until now I am in awe” – Jackie

“Your latest book is dense with wisdom. This could be the ONE personal development book to work in for a whole year with the amount that you cover, and the journal prompts! It certainly will help me create the life of my dreams” – Jacqui


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Before the complexities and challenges of life, we dared to dream big. Dreams of a life filled with love, laughter, abundance and adventure. And yet, somewhere between then and now, the little and big challenges of life slowly reduced these dreams to “wanting just enough to survive”, or being “just a little happier.”

It was all we dared to ask for. Hiding the pain and disappointment of life in the drama of self-destructive behaviors, unhealthy relationships or stressful careers and lifestyles. Stuck in the limitations and repetitive cycle of circumstances beyond our control—unhappy, unfulfilled and isolated.

For over a decade, Fiona Redding has been coaching and helping people from all walks of life to not only, once again dream big, but to have the audacity to succeed and become limitless.

“When you shatter the myths and limitations of who you think you are…

you transform into a limitless force of power and potential,

free to live a life beyond your wildest dreams.”

In It is Possible, Fiona Redding presents the tools, resources and mindset shifts that took her (and her clients) journey from being “just a little happier” to being, doing and having more than they believed was possible.

When daring to dream big, you will face adversity and resistance. This book provides you with the tools to use in those moments when you need them the most, while learning to grow and thrive through the challenges and experiences.

And above all else, to live an extraordinary life.


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